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Alabama women’s wheelchair basketball team secures ninth national championship

CW/ Hannah Grace Mayfield

In a thrilling championship showdown, the Alabama women’s wheelchair basketball team cemented its status as the nation’s top team, clinching its fourth consecutive national title with a 75-57 win. The victory over the University of Texas at Arlington Mavericks inside Stran-Hardin Arena marked its ninth overall national title.  

From the opening tipoff, UTA asserted its presence on the court, gaining possession and swiftly capitalizing with a layup from freshman Harmonee Ruetes. 

However, Alabama quickly responded, with sophomore Ixhelt Gonzalez sinking a layup to put the Crimson Tide’s first points on the board. Despite a slow start, Alabama’s offensive rhythm began to take shape as senior Mary Silberman sank a crucial 2-point shot.  

As the game progressed, both teams displayed determination and aggressive play, trading baskets back and forth. UTA freshman Quinn Meyer demonstrated the Mavericks’ offensive skills with a series of impressive layups, keeping the pressure on Alabama. However, Alabama remained resilient, with senior Joy Haizelden delivering a critical 3-point shot to keep the Crimson Tide in the game. 

“We were expecting a lot of aggressive games, but in terms of reacting to those aggressive games we were going to play with pride and play how we know how to play,” Gonzalez said.  

Despite UTA’s efforts to get ahead of Alabama, Alabama maintained its lead, and the first period concluded with the Crimson Tide holding a narrow 13-10 advantage. Alabama emerged from the break with renewed vigor, with senior Bailey Moody leading the charge with a series of electrifying layups. 

As the intensity of the game continued to rise, both teams traded baskets in a display of offensive firepower. UTA senior Zoe Voris stunned the crowd with a clutch 3-point shot, only to be matched by Alabama’s Moody, whose precision on the court kept her team within striking distance. 

Despite Alabama’s best efforts, UTA’s Ruetes led the charge with a series of skillful layups, giving the Mavericks the edge as they took the lead in the game again. As halftime approached, the score remained tight, with Alabama falling behind 30-33. 

At halftime, as Alabama retreated to the locker room, the atmosphere crackled with a mix of determination and focus.  

“It was intense, but we knew we had it, and we knew how much better we could play and stuck together,” freshman Elizabeth Floch said.  

With tensions running high, Alabama’s defense stepped up to the challenge in the second half, stifling UTA’s offensive efforts and regaining control of the game. Silberman delivered a pivotal layup to reclaim the lead for Alabama, igniting a surge of momentum that carried the Crimson Tide through the remainder of the game. After the game, Silberman was named the tournament’s most valuable player.

In the fourth and final period, Alabama displayed its championship background, with Moody delivering a standout performance to propel her team to victory. As the final buzzer sounded, Alabama emerged triumphant with a resounding 75-57 win, sending shockwaves through the arena and igniting celebration among players and fans alike. 

“This is my first championship, but it’s still unbelievable,” Floch said. “But it’s so exciting to win my first one and to share the win with my team.”  

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