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Sarah Ashlee Barker makes history, reaching 1,000-point milestone in epic comeback

CW / Hannah Grace Mayfield
Alabama guard Sarah Ashlee Barker (#3) defends the ball against Auburn on Feb. 18 in Coleman Coliseum.

As the Alabama Crimson Tide women’s basketball team battled its way to an exhilarating win over the weekend, one player’s achievement added an extra layer of significance to the electrifying matchup. Amid the ecstasy of the team’s comeback triumph, Sarah Ashlee Barker’s milestone served as a testament to her skill, dedication and enduring impact on the court. 

With a standout performance on the court, Barker not only contributed crucially to the team’s success in the game but also excelled individually as a collegiate basketball player.  

Amid the excitement and win, Barker etched her name into the annals of collegiate basketball history by reaching the coveted 1,000-point milestone in her career. Barker’s accomplishment stood out prominently as she reached a significant achievement, one she says she will always look back on.  

When reflecting on her accomplishment, Barker emphasized one singular aspect: her family’s unwavering support and encouragement throughout her journey. 

“I lost my grandmother three years ago, Feb. 6, and today is actually her birthday,” Barker said. “February’s a really hard month for me, and I was 7 points away from 1,000 today, so I think with the number 7, it’s just having faith.” 

Barker started out her collegiate basketball career at the University of Georgia, where she earned two-time SEC freshman of the week and was named to the SEC All-Freshman team. She then decided to enter the transfer portal after her sophomore year and commit to The University of Alabama.  

Since she joined Alabama, Barker has been playing at her highest level of collegiate basketball. Barker has averaged 6.2 rebounds and 17 points so far this season. She ranks eighth in the SEC for the most points scored per game after scoring 34 during the Kentucky game.  

Going into the game, Barker needed 7 points to reach the 1,000-point mark status, and she did with three minutes left in the first quarter. 

Barker’s milestone achievement added an extra layer of significance to an already memorable victory for the Crimson Tide. Barker’s scoring prowess and consistent contribution to the team’s offensive efforts played a pivotal role in securing the win over the Auburn Tigers. The team’s celebration of both the victory and Barker’s milestone highlighted the sense of camaraderie and shared accomplishment within the squad. 

“We had the opportunity to come together or separate, and I think today we came together and fought,” fellow guard Aaliyah Nye said. 

Her words echoed the team’s collective effort and resilience, and Barker’s accomplishment highlighted this shared commitment and determination. 

Looking back on her achievement, Barker expressed gratitude for reaching the 1,000-point mark on a particularly special day.  

“It’s not about how many points I scored, it’s more just about that I got to do it on her [grandmother’s] birthday today and I’m just so grateful,” Barker said.  

Head coach Kristy Curry praised her team’s resilience and determination along with Barker’s accomplishment.  

“Just proud of our kids, for the resiliency and the grit that we showed down the stretch,” Curry said.  

Alabama’s thrilling victory over Auburn not only solidified its dominance in the rivalry but also injected a surge of momentum and confidence into the team. With Barker leading the charge, the Crimson Tide is poised to build upon this energy and continue its pursuit of excellence as Alabama navigates the challenges ahead in the season. 

“For us to come home today and have this response by our fan base and for us to be able to respond to them, we’re so proud of our kids and how they finished the game,” Curry said.  

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