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UA Homecoming queen candidate potentially violates campaign guidelines

Courtesy of UA Homecoming website.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to include Holladay’s response.

Chloe Holladay, a senior nursing major at the University, has potentially violated Homecoming campaign guidelines.

Holladay shared several posts on her Instagram account over the past week promoting her campaign. A recent post showed a campaign event held with Cajun Creme on Oct. 4, a local food truck. Cajun Creme also shared a post on its page endorsing Holladay’s campaign. 

A post from Holladay’s Instagram account featuring Cajun Creme.

According to the University’s Homecoming queen campaign guidelines, “endorsement from groups, organizations, or individuals outside the campus and its population is strictly prohibited.” 

The website also states that students at the University eligible to vote in the UA Homecoming Queen election, groups that meet the University’s designation of SOURCE registered orgs, or groups made of exclusively UA students eligible to vote may publicly endorse a candidate. 

These endorsements must be approved by the candidate. 

Holladay’s post showed Cajun Creme’s food truck, which displayed her campaign slogan, “Commit with Chloe,” and signs that offered a “free frozen treat” for donating to her organization, Leads of Love. 

Cajun Creme’s Instagram post using Holladay’s slogan in the description.

The University’s campaign guidelines also include finance reports, requiring candidates to report any purchases, in-kind donations and discounts for the election. 

Each candidate is given a $500 expense limit for campaign materials and marketing, which includes sponsorships and donations. Finance records for candidates were last updated Sept. 30

Currently, Holladay is the only candidate whose financial reports have not been made public.  

Shortly after this article was posted, Holladay responded, claiming that she wasn’t endorsed by Cajun Creme. 

“There must be some type of misunderstanding because I was not endorsed by Cajun creamers [Creme],” Holladay wrote in an email statement. “I have the receipts and invoice so I’m not sure how you could put out such information. I was not endorsed and I paid for the trick and money was raised towards my non profit leads of love which was shown on the truck.”  

Cajun Creme did not respond to The Crimson White’s requests for comment in time for publication.

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