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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Forensics Council ‘show off’ public speaking skills

Students waited in anticipation outside the Ferguson Theatre Wednesday for the Forensics Council to present its first Alabama National Showcase.

Amy Blackwell, a junior majoring in political science, was among those students.  Blackwell was there to see the production to gain class credit, but she said she hoped it would be as interesting as her professor said it would be.

“I really do not like to sit in on speech productions, but my professor said that everyone would enjoy the show, so I’m excited to see what is in store,” Blackwell said. She also said this was her first speech production that she’d been to, so she did not know what to expect.

The team, which has been ranked in the top 10 since 2003, boasts unprecedented success. From a studies standpoint, the competitors are very diverse. Competitors major in everything from biology to public relations.

Robert Imboduy, director of forensics, said he had high hopes for the event and that the students would enjoy the production.

“Our main purpose is to show off the forensics students,” Imboduy said. “We really just want to showcase their skills and talents and public speaking. They are all very talented.”        Imboduy said he also wanted everyone to learn that public speaking can also be enjoyable.

The program consisted of seven competitors, each with different showcases. The showcases ranged from persuasive speaking to dramatic interpretation.

Taylor McDonald, a sophomore majoring in communicative studies, performed the last showcase.

After the show, Rebecca Lawson, a freshman majoring in public relations, commented on the production and its quality.

“It was amazing. Everyone was so enthusiastic and on point,” Lawson said. “Julia Ovienyk’s performance was my favorite.”

She also said she was interested in joining next year.

Thaddeus Fitzpatrick, one of the competitors who showcased prose interpretation, said his friend Austin, who was a coach at the time, first introduced him to the program.

Fitzpatrick said he most enjoyed that everyone on the team was very close, just like a family, and that though they compete against each other, they all support one another because they all enjoy what they do.

The team will head to Texas next week for a competition.

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