Tuscaloosa’s mental and physical health resources


Courtesy of College of Community Health Sciences, Student Health Center

The Student Health Center provides students with high-quality care.

Zara Morgan, Staff Reporter

College is the time when you begin taking your health decisions into your own hands.  

The University of Alabama offers a wide variety of programs to help students with their health and wellness both on campus and off. 

On campus 

The Student Health Center, located near the University of Alabama Recreation Center, provides a wide range of health resources for students to tap into whether they’re well or sick. Students can create appointments by either visiting the SHCP patient portal located on the myBama student page or calling them at 205-348-2778.  

Students have access to services such as X-rays, anonymous HIV testing, testing for illnesses such as strep throat and mononucleosis, and travel medications. The SHC also provides resources by appointment for currently enrolled students with ADHD including referrals and medication.  

For students approved by the SHC, the allergy clinic can provide allergy injections by appointment. Additionally, for students with food allergies, speaking with a medical practitioner in the nutrition clinic may help a student receive dining accommodations from the dining halls.  

Students can also schedule appointments for women’s health. The SHC has two full-time nurse practitioners for women’s health and provides various services including routine annual exams, pelvic exams, breast exams and contraception. 

Another great resource for student health and well-being resources is the Women and Gender Resource Center, located near the DCH Foundation and East Edge Apartments. According to the WGRC website, they offer free, confidential and voluntary counseling services to “survivors of interpersonal violence,” as well as those who have been “impacted by abuse” or have been victimized on The University of Alabama’s campus, regardless of whether an individual is currently enrolled as a student at the University. 

For additional mental health resources, the University also has the Counseling Center, where students can make scheduled appointments, group appointments and join support groups. Additionally, they offer same-day single session phone consultation appointments with a therapist. The Counseling Center offers free resources online to educate students on mental health. The Counseling Center offers educational resources in the form of videos and written information on items including anxiety and anger management. Additionally, the University provides mental health resources such as WellTrack, a wellness tracking app; and free online mental health screenings.  

Tide Against Suicide is an initiative that aims to end suicide among college students and offers resources including prevention training, emergency numbers and more.  

The University also provides resources for individuals dealing with substance issues. Collegiate Recovery and Intervention Services offers a safe and engaging environment for students who are suffering from substance abuse or would like to be educated on the topic.  

Off campus 

For students with more severe health concerns, there are also many off-campus health resources for students.  

DCH Regional Medical Center is near the East Edge apartments. DCH offers a full range of medical services. Individuals are welcome to make an appointment by calling 205-759-7111. Be sure you know what type of appointment you would like to make and any relevant medical and personal information. 

Located near the Tuscaloosa Riverwalk, Five Horizons offers general care and treatments for populations who need specialized care. It also provides education and testing for HIV. Appointments can be made through the organization’s website; resources are available in both Spanish and English.  

West Alabama Women’s Center has a variety of resources for pregnancy, contraception, STI/HIV testing and general wellness. To make an appointment, you can call them at 205-556-2026. 

For more immediate help, Tuscaloosa also has a variety of urgent cares including Alabama Family Care, Crimson Care and First Care. When choosing an urgent care, it’s best to look up which one is open and located most conveniently to you.