In Confidence ambassador program features UA students

Madison Duboise, Contributing Writer

Navigating the professional world often leaves women with a number of questions unanswered by job listings and employee handbooks. New professionals look to those with experience to guide them through internships or dream jobs, so one woman has created a platform geared towards Gen Z women in all walks of their professional life.

In Confidence is an organization created by Adriane Devereux, the vice president of marketing and operations for underdog venture team, that aims to prepare women and nonbinary people for professional spaces. The online platform posts educational content to engage with students or post-grad individuals who are looking for professional guidance. 

“The mission of In Confidence is to share the secrets of the working world with young people who are coming into their careers so they have at least some of the skills and the knowledge needed to start their career,” Devereux said. 

The organization was started during the pandemic as a passion project of Devereux’s. She wanted to connect college students with the resources she didn’t have in college to prepare them for professional life. 

“We’re on a mission to empower young women to confidently navigate the professional world at the start of their careers by uncovering the realities of work life that aren’t taught in school,” In Confidence’s first Instagram post on July 6, 2021, stated.

Madeline LeZotte (Courtesy of Madeline LeZotte)

Madeline LeZotte, a 2022 UA alumna and a mentee of Devereux, is now working as an outreach director for In Confidence. She works alongside Devereux to create a program that encourages joining the community for those soon entering or already in the professional world. 

“I want to connect with Gen Z women, but I am not one myself. Madeline is kind of like the insider for me,” Devereux said. “That’s really what the program was meant to be, not just having a singular voice, but having multiple voices representing Gen Z women and nonbinary folks.”

The company created The Confidence Booster Ambassador Program in October 2022 to bring awareness to their organization as it shares resources about professional success.

“Particularly for women and nonbinary folks, there’s a little bit less of an early acceptance of who you are as a woman or as a person in that type of business environment,” Devereux said. 

Aubrey Raynaud (Courtesy of Aubrey Raynaud)

Aubrey Raynaud, a junior majoring in public relations, is one of three girls who are a part of the ambassador program at the University. Additionally, there are two boosters at the University at Buffalo, one at Syracuse University and one post-grad booster.

“I think it’s important for everyone to have an understanding of the professional world. I feel like in college and in high school, they don’t teach you the things that you need to know,” Raynaud said. 

Raynaud said the ambassadors have started discussing important topics with groups around campus that the students themselves should know of in order to help others. So far, the ambassadors have talked about LinkedIn, interview and resume tips, along with networking and professional confidence. Raynaud said that Devereux and LeZotte are preparing them with skills that they can pass on to others. 

LeZotte said that as someone that has recently entered the workforce, she understands how important it is to prepare yourself for job-searching, and recognizes that college does not always prepare for that. 

“We talk about things that are not talked about in the workplace like drinking at work parties, dating in the workplace, and soft skills you need to know as you enter the workforce,” LeZotte said. 

In Confidence hopes to give women and nonbinary people the knowledge and skills to explore the workplace in a confident way. Devereux believes that empowering these individuals will help them understand their abilities within the workforce.

The ambassadors have done sessions with Manderson Women in Business, Her Campus Alabama and sessions at other campuses. They hope to continue growing their audience and the community that comes with it.

“I’m excited to spread the word,” Raynaud said. “I think it’s important for students to know that there are resources available to them to prepare for their futures.”