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Celebrating my time in college

Regan Williams April 17, 2014

This has been an amazing four years here at the Capstone. The University of Alabama has given me so many opportunities to grow and change; however, it was difficult to start. College Republicans on campus...

Congressional affairs are not significant to political performance

Regan Williams April 10, 2014

One of the bigger stories over this past week has been that a Louisiana congressman, named Vance McAllister, was caught kissing a woman who was not only not his wife but was also one of his staffers. These...

Sanctions are the wrong way to go

Regan Williams March 19, 2014

The Russian invasion of Crimea has been a news story that is almost impossible to ignore. On Monday the U.S. and Eurpean Union announced that they would be sanctioning Russia as a response to these invasions....

College Republicans should not heel to party

Regan Williams March 17, 2014

On March 7, the College Republican Federation of Alabama, which recently elected new officers, issued a press release which stated: “Support the platform of the ALGOP and the RNC along with the traditional,...

Republican party should change to ensure relevancy

Regan Williams March 3, 2014

Republicans will be facing a tough midterm election cycle. While they could win the Senate, an admittedly major prize, they are also facing a real identity crisis: The party is growing way too old, and...

The South’s problem with political correctness

Regan Williams February 13, 2014

We have a political correctness problem here in the South. We suffer from a negative connotation of what political correctness is and how it operates. Our understanding of what it means to be politically...

UAB deserves respect, independence from Board of Trustees

Regan Williams January 16, 2014

This football season has seen a whirlwind of coaching changes in NCAA football. While a few directly affect us here at the Capstone, others are just as important. One in particular is the head coaching...

Republicans must sever tea party connections

Regan Williams November 14, 2013

Republicans across the country will be faced with pretty big races in 2014. And with popularity ratings at an all-time low, Republicans must change something to win. However volatile it may be, the Republican...

Amnesty for all is not the only way to go involving immigration

Regan Williams October 14, 2013

America is a diverse country founded from the immigrants of many different cultures. Still, immigration is one of the biggest issues facing this country. Some believe border security is paramount, while...

Current generation will face burden of Affordable Care Act

Regan Williams September 26, 2013

The health care debate has been raging in this country for years now. While some would like for the country to move on, I say more debate is needed. Recently, the debate has reasserted itself in Congress...

Alcohol sales in stadium would benefit Tuscaloosa community

Regan Williams August 29, 2013

It seems the college football world is obsessed with discussing NCAA rules, without regard to SEC rules. Today, it is time to address one of the more egregious rules that our otherwise dominant conference...

Planes, trains, automobiles: an argument for high-speed rail service

Regan Williams July 24, 2013

We live in a country that has been on the forefront of innovation for many years. So why are we now behind on an invention we championed such as the train? Countries like Japan, Germany and France have...

University should offer housing for D.C. interns who meet requirements

Regan Williams July 3, 2013

This summer I have had the pleasure of interning on Capitol Hill. I would not trade this experience for anything; however, I do have some major issues with it. One of the largest problems that I have...

Sustainability, not nepotism, reasoning behind selection of Rep. Jo Bonner

Regan Williams June 5, 2013

This month, The University of Alabama System welcomed an alumnus back into its ranks to fill a brand new position. Congressman Jo Bonner’s selection as the vice chancellor of governmental relations and...

Charter schools in Alabama would help improve broken education system

Regan Williams April 15, 2013

There has been a lot of debate on education in the state legislature this year. Largely, it has been centered on the Alabama Accountability Act and the vouchers it provides for private schools. While...

Future GOP: Breaking molds, finding common ground, embracing diversity

Regan Williams March 21, 2013

It was a tough time to be a Republican last election cycle. With the Grand Old Party losing races that should have been won and losing the presidency, for many it seemed like the end was ever nearer for...

Minimum wage increase could hurt workers, consumers and economy

Regan Williams March 13, 2013

As announced in his State of the Union Address, it seems that one of Obama’s major goals for his term is raising the minimum wage to $9.50. At face value, this idea seems like a good idea to help get...

Harlem Shake ends with free speech debate

Regan Williams February 21, 2013

We have had quite an interesting week with drug busts and the police shutting down the Harlem Shake events. Despite negative pushback, the University’s decision to shut down the latter event was not...

Tobacco ban proposed by SGA inhibits freewill, hinders traditional relationships

Tobacco ban proposed by SGA inhibits freewill, hinders traditional relationships

Regan Williams February 11, 2013

The tobacco ban was proposed before the SGA Senate two weeks ago. As a concerned student on this campus, I have only opposition for this far reaching measure, which not only bans smoking, but all tobacco...

Despite doubts, the American Dreams surviving

Despite doubts, the American Dream’s surviving

Regan Williams January 28, 2013

Despite its widespread use, no term epitomizes what it means to be an American like the American Dream. People and politicians alike have tried to define it but all seem to come up short. One of the more...

Internet critical for reaching young voters

Internet critical for reaching young voters

Regan Williams January 10, 2013

After one of the biggest losses in history for Republicans, many in the party are wondering if there is any hope left for the GOP. I am here to say that there is not only hope, but also a strong chance...

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