Get on Board Day helps students get involved


CW/ Joe Will Field

Kinsley Centers, Contributing Writer

The rain throughout the day did not stop students from attending Get on Board Day (GOBD) at the Ferguson Student Center Thursday evening.

Students had the opportunity to get involved on campus as they explored clubs and organizations the University has to offer. Students surrounded the club tables to get more information as they accepted flyers, pens and other goodies.

Lauren Sciarra, a freshman majoring in finance, said she was not as involved as she would have liked to have been last semester, so she came to GOBD to get involved this spring.

She said the event can be overwhelming, but students should go and check it out because it is important for college students to get involved on campus.

Sciarra said there is something for everyone on campus, and through GOBD, she found clubs she would like to join that are relevant to her major, so it will be beneficial to her in the long run.

“[GOBD’s purpose is] so that everyone can like find their niche and find where they’re supposed to be, be able to make new friends, create networks and that kind of stuff,” Sciarra said. “And I think it’s really effective because I’ve already found like places that I want to be in.”

Maya Browning, a freshman majoring in creative media, said she attended last semester and found it helpful to students, so she wanted to come back and see what other clubs there are.

“I liked the first one, so I came back so I could see what else is out there on campus for me to get involved in,” Browning said.

Browning said she believes it is helpful for students to get involved on campus, so they are able to gain social skills and have things to do. She said everyone at the event was friendly and welcoming to their clubs, and she is looking forward to joining the photo club.

Club members worked their tables while having the privilege to meet potential members.

Magen Bentley, a senior majoring in marketing, said she believes GOBD is a great opportunity for clubs to recruit new members. Bentley was working the Phi Beta Lambda table along with other executive team members. Phi Beta Lambda is a student-run professional business fraternity and is open to all majors.

Bentley said GOBD is beneficial, not only to  students but the clubs as well. She said students are able to get familiar with the club members and make it personal, rather than communicating through email. She said the event also allowed clubs to meet each other and create connections for potential collaborations.

“[GOBD is beneficial] to not only us, but to all organizations here on campus because it’s really

a great way to get to know the students face to face,” Bentley said. “You can send out a cold email, but it just doesn’t feel the same. It’s great to put a name to the face and the organization.”

Bentley said the turnout for the event in the fall is always larger, however the spring turnout this year turned out great.