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Cooking Column: Overnight oatmeal makes your morning routine easy


If there’s one thing my roommate and I love to do in the morning, it’s to sleep as long as possible. We have our routines down to a science, and we know exactly how long it takes to get ready. But we’re also the type of girls who believe breakfast is important.

I’m a simple person when it comes to breakfast. If it can’t be made in the microwave in under three minutes or it’s not a toaster pastry, forget it. If I’m running late, I’ll grab a granola bar to eat once I get to class. Things like pancakes and eggs are reserved for vacations or special occasions.

My roommate though, likes breakfast to be more substantial. She takes the time to eat a bowl of cereal or grits and relax on the couch. But as the semester gets busier she prefers sleeping in over preparing a meal. So she found a way to have her cake, and eat it too.

Well, actually, it’s more like have her oatmeal.

I was baking cookies the other night, which is a stress reliever for me, when Patty started filling up a dozen mason jars with ingredients. A little oatmeal, a little milk, a little honey and some chocolate chips .

It was make-ahead oatmeal. She’d got the idea from the oatmeal box and adapted it to her needs and taste. So for the last week, our fridge looked like a Pinterest breakfast board, and Patty slept in an extra few minutes.

Because you see, Patty’s make-ahead oatmeal doesn’t need to be cooked. You can prepare a week’s worth at a time and as the ingredients sit in the milk, the flavors meld together all on their own. All you have to do in the morning is grab a jar and a spoon and breakfast is ready.

To make a couple week’s worth took Patty about 30 minutes in total. She only added milk to the ones she would be eating within the next week and will add milk to the others later. The mason jars allow her to see what’s inside and have a good tight seal.

The honey and chocolate chips she said serves as way to add flavor and sweetness to an otherwise bland combination. If you’re not a honey fan you could just as easily add cinnamon, bananas or vanilla extract. And don’t be afraid to have some fun with some other toppings too.

As the semester goes on, we stay up later and it’s tempting to sacrifice breakfast for a few more minutes of sleep. But that first meal is important. It helps wake your body up. It gives you more energy and focus. And eating breakfast can help you stay healthy.

Breakfast is hard in college, but that doesn’t mean it should be skipped altogether. And no, your Starbucks coffee does not count as a substantial breakfast, I’m sorry.

So the next time you’ve got some free time on a Saturday or Sunday night, take a few minutes and make a healthy, filling breakfast for the week because let’s be honest, we could all a little more energy and focus at this point in the semester.


1 cut oatmeal

1 cup milk

1-2 tsp of honey OR 1 tsp of vanilla extract

Topping of your choice (chocolate chips, bananas, blueberries, etc.)


Pour oatmeal, milk and honey or vanilla extract into jar

Sprinkle topping into jar

Close jar and let it sit in the fridge for at least six to eight hours.

Grab a spoon and enjoy!

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