UA begins search for new administrators

Camille Studebaker

The 14-person committee, facilitated by David Grady, vice president of Student Affairs, will work with a private firm on a national search to fill the position. According to University President Stuart Bell, the goal is to have a candidate in place by the beginning of the spring semester.

Many people on campus will contribute to the final decision, including: deans and professors from several departments, the associate provost, the president-elect of Professional Staff Assembly, the president of Graduate Student Association, the president of Faculty Senate and the president of Student Government Association.Dr. Kevin Whitaker will continue to serve as the University’s Interim Provost in the Office for Academic Affairs until the position is filled. Whitaker, a long-serving UA faculty member and administrator, was named Interim Provost in June 2015 by the University’s previous president, Judy Bonner. “
Dr. Whitaker’s leadership skills, experience at The University of Alabama, and his collaborative and analytical approach to decision making will prove helpful to Dr. Bell as he forms his administrative team,” Bonner said in a UA press release last year.

The provost and Academic Affairs states that they are dedicated to supporting academic achievements.

“Dr. Whitaker and the Office for Academic Affairs staff members are committed to supporting academic achievements at the highest level. They strive to serve the greater academic community in every endeavor,” the provost and Academic Affairs website reads.