Student organizations selected for block seating

Arielle Lipan

The new SGA student selection process using the Board of Governors has decided the seating placement of 42 organizations for the University’s game days.

Out of all of the organizations that applied, Alpha Phi Alpha, the Kappa Alpha Order, Phi Gamma Delta and the MBA students received front row seating.

Compared to the 2013 seating chart (the 2014 was not available), none of the previous organizations with front row seating held on to their spot. However, Alpha Tau Omega, previously in the front row, still holds a second row block.

Some previous block holders, like Lambda Sigma Phi, did not receive block seating this year. Others, like the Avanti Alumni, are completely new.

To receive block seating, organizations had to submit a written application, attend a mandatory meeting, and give a presentation to get the Board’s approval.

“This year, under the Spillers administration, the student organizational seating process was completely revamped,” said Catherine Faust, director of media relations for SGA.

The written application and presentation were split 45/55 respectively in the blind grading process.

The Board of Governors decided on the weighted split an hour before the mandatory meeting on Aug. 30.

The new block seating takes effect Saturday when Alabama hosts Middle Tennessee State University at 3 p.m.

“We look forward to an amazing football season filled with excitement and stadium dogs!” Faust said.