Bridges shows '60s style

Amy Marino

From Fort Worth, Texas, Leon Bridges may as well be a living, singing time capsule from the ‘60s. Initially interested in choreography, this modern-day Sam Cooke only picked up the guitar four years ago after heeding a friend’s advice. Good advice, considering Bridges recent signing with Columbia Records.

His sound is undeniably good; it is almost as if his voice offers listeners the opportunity to reach out and touch something as sacred as the past.

Bridges scored a connection and eventual friendship with White Denim’s guitarist Austin Jenkins just for wearing a pair of high-waisted Wrangler jeans. Having bonded over their similar senses of style, the two had no idea just how much they had in common. Little did Bridges know that Jenkins was not only a guy with similar interests and taste, but a ticket to discovery, a guitarist for White Denim, the bluesy-rock four piece group who has become quite the household name in the Austin/Fort Worth/Dallas area.

Shortly after their initial meeting, Jenkins caught a different side of Bridges at a local bar performing a moving solo acoustic set. Immediately blown away by his counterpart’s performance, Jenkins approached Bridges and asked him if he’d be interested 
in recording.

Bridges had been given many management offers, but what drew him to Jenkins was his passion to preserve and amplify the vintage sound. Bridges gave the OK, and soon after, they put a group together and began recording a debut album with the assistance of equipment and instruments no younger than 50 years old.

Although only two recordings have surfaced for download, the smooth “Coming Home” and “Better Man” do well on repeat. Currently on tour with Sharon Van Etten, Leon Bridges’ debut album is expected to be 
released mid-summer.