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Alabama fans answer Saban’s call for fan support

CW / Riley Thompson
Alabama fans cheer following a touchdown.

The atmosphere in Tuscaloosa was electric Saturday, with the anticipation of the showdown between the Crimson Tide and the Tennessee Volunteers reaching its peak.  

Every corner of the town seemed to pulse with excitement and energy, from the signs adorning houses to the roaring stands of Bryant-Denny Stadium.  

It was more than a game; it was a spectacle, an event that united the entire community. 

The first half of the game started sluggish for the Crimson Tide, but the fans remained persistent in their support. Their unwavering belief in their team was a testament to the deep-seated passion that ran through every Alabama fan.  

“We’re a second-half team,” Athanasios Kydonieus, a sophomore majoring in biology, said with unwavering confidence in Alabama. “We’ve always been a second-half team. I know we’re going to make a comeback.” 

This infectious enthusiasm echoed the sentiments of Alabama head coach Nick Saban, who had called for this kind of enthusiasm from fans.  

He knew the power of the crowd and how it could shift the momentum of a game and ignite the players’ spirits.  

“You create the momentum of the game by what you do as fans,” Saban said as the viral clip from his latest “Hey Coach appearance echoed throughout Bryant-Denny Stadium as the players took the field. “Don’t worry about the players creating it. You create it for them — one time. One time, I’m asking you to do that. All right, that’s it.” 

The Tennessee student section was alive with cheers; they reveled in the knowledge that last year’s victory might extend into another triumph this year. 

“I think history is going to repeat itself,” Tennessee student Micah Jones said. “Tennessee is very underrated on the defensive side, and the offense is terrible, but they’ll score.”  

Alabama clawed its way back to take a 24-20 lead. In the first half, Tennessee had held the upper hand, which undoubtedly elated its devoted fans.  

Yet, in the second half, the tide was turning, and Alabama’s fans were determined to ride the wave of momentum to victory. 

With every passing point, the student section grew louder, drowning out any glimmer of hope for the Vols. The players couldn’t help but notice the team’s unwavering support.  

“The student section is a part of our fan base, and they brought it today,” quarterback Jalen Milroe said. “And I will say this: The stadium was rocking all day; our fans came out today.” 

As the seconds dwindled, cigar smoke curled into the air, a clear signal of victory.  

The Crimson Tide fans in attendance knew they had won.  

This cherished tradition was a source of immense pride for players and students. Ever since the tradition was started in 1961, it has symbolized a win on the field and a legacy of success. 

“I’ve had my cigar in my pocket since yesterday,” Kydonieus said. “I am lighting this thing up tonight.” 

The fan-driven energy continued to pulse through the stadium, keeping the atmosphere alive. It was a sentiment not lost on Saban.  

“I know how much it means to our fans, the rivalry of this game, but I also wanted to thank them because of what a great job they did, the impact that they had on the game, the atmosphere of the game,” Saban said after the game. “I wish I could thank each one of them personally.” 

Ultimately, the clash between the Crimson Tide and the Tennessee Volunteers wasn’t just a game — it was a testament to the teams’ genuine support of their fans.  

Every moment, from the electric atmosphere in Tuscaloosa to the resounding cheers, they painted a picture of the passion that drives college football. This victory went beyond the field; it echoed through the community. 

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