Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

The Crimson White

Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

The Crimson White

Crimson Car Club is forming lasting relationships through a love for automobiles

Courtesy of Crimson Car Club
Crimson Car Club members during one of their weekly meetings.

When Asar Ahmad stepped onto the campus of The University of Alabama as a freshman in the fall of 2021, he soon dealt with the struggles many students face every year. The process of leaving home had proven stressful, and with almost no acquaintances from his hometown of Suwanee, Georgia, he was a solitary first-year at one of the biggest universities in the region. 

Then came Get on Board Day, the University’s annual showcase of all the clubs and organizations the University has to offer. Stationed there was none other than Crimson Car Club. 

“I was immediately drawn to [it],” Ahmad, a junior majoring in management information systems, said. “Cars [are] the one thing I’ve always had a deep passion for, so finding that would allow me to feel like I’m back home.” 

The club provided for Ahmad and, after years of faithful attendance, he is now its president and continues to provide students with an outlet to meet others and bond over a love of cars. Per its page on mySource, Crimson Car Club was created to “connect car enthusiasts across UA campus.” Members participate in a variety of outings, including “local meets, trips to regional car meets, drives/cruises, autocross events, visits to local racetracks and more.”  

The club holds meetings Wednesdays at 7 p.m. in the Northeast Commuter Lot. 

A particular highlight for the club was a trip to Chattanooga to spend the day with the DriveUT club, the University of Tennessee’s “Automotive Enthusiast Group.” It was a valuable experience not just for the love of cars but also for the sake of forming new relationships. 

“It was great to contact other schools and see how they operate,” Ahmad said. 

This is just one of countless unique and lively events that are sure to enthrall those with a passion for motor vehicles. Crimson Car Club’s significance, however, is not meant to end there. 

It’s fitting that the club’s mySource page spends less than a third of its lines talking about events. The most important part of the description is its claim that the club is “more than just the cars, it’s a family.” While cars are the driving force behind the group’s existence, they are merely a catalyst for “lifelong memories and bonds.” More than anything, the club provides a haven for those who, like Ahmad, find themselves lost in the University’s vast expanse. It unites like-minded people, who then form lasting ties. 

“I have met my housemates and many of my friends and have made some memories that I will never forget,” says club Vice President Tyler Croy. “At the end of the day, the cars are only a conduit for the community. We are about people.” 

Furthermore, it allows students to express themselves. “For so many people driving is more than just the cars,” the club’s description states. “It’s a reflection of their own personality, and often a way to help clear their minds of stress.” For those who genuinely love cars and want to escape from the pressures of everyday life, it’d be difficult to find a more perfect fit. 

Ahmad would advise anyone on the fence to “make the first step and come join us. … We strive to have a very open and inclusive environment.” 

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