Homecoming queen candidate’s expenses not available online

Josie Malave, Contributing Writer

One of this year’s homecoming queen candidates, Bayley St. Clair, does not have any publicly available financial reports for her campaign spending, despite posts on Instagram showing custom buttons reading “SUPPORTING DEACONS DELI BAYLEY ST. CLAIR VOTE 2022 HOMECOMING QUEEN.” 

St. Clair is still listed as having a balance of $500 on the homecoming website, which is the campaign expense limit for materials and marketing. St. Clair does not currently have any receipts for expenses listed online as of publication, including for the campaign buttons seen in her and her supporters’ social media posts. 

According to the rules outlined on the UA homecoming website, homecoming queen candidates are required to report all expenses spent on their homecoming campaigns — including donated services, which count towards the $500 expense cap. 

Failure to document campaign expenses is a major violation, according to the new homecoming queen election guidelines. Major violations can result in a 9-point deduction from the candidate’s campaign; a 15-point deduction would result in disqualification from the 2022 homecoming election. 

St. Clair said that she submitted the receipt but is unsure as to why it hasn’t been uploaded. St. Clair has claimed no other expenses during her campaign and her last financial update is documented as Oct. 8. 

“I will reach out to the advisors today to make sure it is uploaded on the website. Hopefully everything will be uploaded later today,” St. Clair said.

Three other candidates — Ellery Hill, Olivia Burleson and Olivia Bruno — appear to have updated financial forms. Megan Abrams, another candidate and a member of the University’s women’s basketball team, does not have any publicly available expenses listed and did not appear to be actively campaigning on social media. A request for comment from UA Athletics was not returned. Previous attempts to contact Abrams personally regarding her homecoming campaign for other stories were directed to Athletics Communications. 

Hill has reported five receipts for materials and has a campaign balance of $0.90 remaining. Burleson and Bruno have both reported several expenses and each have about $300 remaining. Abrams has not reported any expenses and remains with a $500 budget.  

Hill’s, Bruno’s and Burleson’s financial reports were last updated on Oct. 17 per the website while St. Clair’s and Abrams’ remain unchanged since Oct. 8. 

The Elections Review and Dispute Panel has jurisdiction over deciding homecoming queen election violations. Unlike during the preliminary selection stage, any student is able to file an elections appeal. Students can do so until 11:59 p.m. tonight.  

Any decisions made by the ERDP will be released no later than six hours before the homecoming queen is announced. 

The winner of this year’s homecoming queen election will be announced on Friday, Oct. 21, at the annual homecoming pep rally. The winner will be formally crowned during halftime of the homecoming game against Mississippi State University on Saturday, Oct. 22. 

Ainsley Platt contributed to this article.