Homecoming queen candidates announced

Sarah Clifton, Staff Reporter

After a delay in the new homecoming queen election process, The University of Alabama has announced the names of the five candidates for the 2022 homecoming election cycle. 

Graduate student Megan Abrams, junior Olivia Burleson, and seniors Ellery Hill, Bailey St. Clair and Olivia Bruno are this year’s homecoming queen candidates.  

These students have passed the “preliminary phase of the selection process,” which includes submitting a resume as well as an essay-based application that urges candidates to demonstrate leadership and scholarship. 

The candidates, hailing from different colleges, classification levels and backgrounds, advocate for a variety of causes in their statements of intent.  

As of Oct. 8, the announcement includes a log of all financial activity for each candidate.  

As the log indicates, each candidate has submitted a financial plan. Hill is the only candidate with accessible receipts for campaign materials thus far, indicating she has spent $422.56 on campaign buttons and koozies. Every other candidate currently stands at a remaining balance of $500 to spend on their campaign.  

The student body will be able to vote on these five candidates on Oct. 18 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., 10 days after the official announcement of the candidates.