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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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War documentaries deliver honest perspective

War documentaries deliver honest perspective

Walker Donaldson April 9, 2012

The United States has been in Afghanistan since 2001, and support for the war is waning at a dramatic pace. In a post-Osama bin Laden world, the war, to many Americans, seems won. The face of international...

Super-group coming to Tuscaloosa Amphitheater

Super-group coming to Tuscaloosa Amphitheater

Walker Donaldson March 28, 2012

It’s not every day I get excited about an announcement for a new show at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater, but on March 19, the legendary folk-rock group Crosby, Stills & Nash announced they would be embarking...

Documentaries a smart alternative during dull film season

Walker Donaldson March 8, 2012

March begins what is truly the doldrums of film season. It is three months until the summer blockbusters re-crowd theaters, and with the end of the awards season culminating in a rather uneventful Academy...

Who should win the Oscars and why

Walker Donaldson February 23, 2012

Best Picture: “The Artist”   The move from five to as many as 10 nominees for Best Picture has created a conundrum for the nominating committee. Critics panned films like “Extremely Loud and...

Clooney shines brighter than ever in The Descendants

Clooney shines brighter than ever in ‘The Descendants’

Walker Donaldson February 6, 2012

To me, his roles are predictable: his smooth voice and dashing good looks are accentuated by an overwhelming attempt at charm that makes him contemptuous. Does this sound like jealousy? No, it should not....

“Red Tails leaves viewers wanting more

“Red Tails” leaves viewers wanting more

Walker Donaldson January 23, 2012

This weekend in Hollywood, the top two films released featured uncommon stories. First, “Haywire,” an action film, featured a female main character who is battling a corrupt government agency. Second,...

Teach for America offers valuable experience

Walker Donaldson December 6, 2011

An alarming crisis exists in public education today. American students fall short on testing in comparison to their international counterparts. Great disparity plagues school systems across the United...

‘The Muppets’ world of fiction leaves audiences in stitches

Walker Donaldson December 5, 2011

If the real world were anything like the world in “The Muppets,” The Crimson White would not have anything to report about. The problems that plague our campus would be solved with musical numbers,...

A-list stars making B-list films

Walker Donaldson November 14, 2011

This was not a great weekend to go to the theater for a movie. “Immortals,” “J. Edgar” and “Jack and Jill” all opened to terrible reviews from critics. They are large budget cinematic adventures...

Halloween movie guide: best and worst horror films

Walker Donaldson October 24, 2011

I generally do not enjoy scary movies. Rarely does a horror film impress me in the same ways as a great drama; that being said, there are a few horror films that are both terrifying and enjoyable to watch....

‘The Ides of March’ a disappointing film

Walker Donaldson October 10, 2011

The most important part of running a successful political campaign is creating belief in the candidate for voters. Without a believable candidate, the campaign becomes worthless and it cannot succeed....

‘Moneyball’ converts baseball hater

‘Moneyball’ converts baseball hater

Walker Donaldson September 26, 2011

I have never liked baseball. The farthest I made it as a baseball player was kindergarten tee-ball, and the only success I had was building dirt castles in the outfield. “Moneyball” made me question...

Contagion a story about globalization

“Contagion” a story about globalization

Walker Donaldson September 12, 2011

As I left the theater after seeing Steven Soderbergh’s latest film, “Contagion”, the woman in front of me coughed and then grabbed the railing as she walked down the stairs. I could see the people...

Film: The Kings Speech earns four stars

Film: ‘The King’s Speech’ earns four stars

Walker Donaldson February 3, 2011

The applause in the theater at the end of “The King’s Speech” could be attributed to the age of the audience, many of whom probably remember King George VI taking the throne in 1939, but that attribution...

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