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Opinions can’t lack feelings

Debra Flax November 17, 2010

Last week, I wrote an article about the meaning behind the word "weird" and how that resonates with people who get called that and worse all the time. A concerned student eventually expressed disinterest...

Fine with being weird

Debra Flax November 10, 2010

Weird, as defined by, means “of a strikingly odd or unusual character; strange.” I’m sure everyone reading this has heard that word used to describe something they’ve said or done....

Side effects may include sickness

Debra Flax November 4, 2010

I was watching TV the other day when a commercial discussing a recently released asthma medication lit up the screen. It showed a wide-open field with people basking in the glow of a radiant sun, enjoying...

Can you remember your First Amendment rights?

Debra Flax October 20, 2010

“You’re telling me that’s in the First Amendment?” Delaware Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell said Tuesday night in a debate with Democratic candidate Chris Coons. The question...

Campus expansion blues

Debra Flax October 14, 2010

Dear UA, quit messing with my campus routine. Since the beginning of the school year there's been a lot of talk about aggravation with the terrible parking situation around campus, the useless new bus...

Are we forgetting decency?

Debra Flax October 7, 2010

College is an integral part of growing up. Not only is it the place where we all further our studies and knowledge, getting ready for the real world, but it's also the start of a new, more independent...

Ben & Jerry won’t go au natural

Debra Flax September 29, 2010

We'd all be lying if we said we never once dreamed about downing a large bowl of Phish Food, Chunky Monkey, Everything But the Kitchen Sink or another delectable creation from the gods at Ben & Jerry's...

False charges make real victims

Debra Flax September 22, 2010

“Hey pretty girl, do you want to take a drink of this?” Those are the words Bethany Storro claimed a black woman said to her before throwing acid on Storro’s face Aug. 30 in Vancouver, Wash. Storro...

Heisman, ham, and harassment

Debra Flax September 15, 2010

Less than a week after reports hit of the Heisman trust closing its investigation into Reggie Bush's improper conduct while at USC, Bush decided to voluntarily forfeit his trophy. While the award was expected...

Book burnings should stay a thing of the past

Debra Flax September 9, 2010

This Saturday marks the 9th anniversary of the World Trade Center terrorist attacks in New York City. I'd be willing to say that the majority of people who were alive and socially aware back in 2001 still...

Privacy-schmivacy; it doesnt matter anyway

Privacy-schmivacy; it doesn’t matter anyway

Debra Flax September 2, 2010

So I get my jury duty notice in the mail. I know I'm supposed to show up at my arranged time. I know that I'm supposed to answer questions when asked. I specifically know that, if chosen, I may not,...

Does it matter that Hitler had traces of Jewish ancestry?

Debra Flax August 25, 2010

It has long been suspected that Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazi party and voice behind the extermination of 11 million "misfit" people, was a descendant of Jewish stock. The simple story goes that...

Don’t be programmed to resist

Debra Flax August 19, 2010

ESC. ESC. ENTER. BACKSPACE. ESC. CTRL-ALT-DELETE: That's pretty much my answer to problems I face with my computer. My method has a 1 percent chance of actually fixing the issue and a 98.5 percent chance...

Don’t be programmed to resist change

Debra Flax August 18, 2010

ESC. ESC. ENTER. BACKSPACE. ESC. CTRL-ALT-DELETE: That's pretty much my answer to problems I face with my computer. My method has a 1 percent chance of actually fixing the issue and a 98.5 percent chance...

Waiting for earth, wind

Debra Flax July 15, 2010

           The most boring conversation starter is "how about this weather?" or other similar statements. I guess that makes sense when you think about it. What person, other than a meteorologist,...

Gone, not forgotten

Debra Flax April 14, 2010

Throughout my time writing for The Crimson White opinions page, I've focused quite a bit on the act of remembering and respecting. And while all of the issues I wrote about were and still are close to...

Sticks and Stones

Debra Flax April 8, 2010

In the opening scenes of Kevin Emerson's novel “Carlos Is Gonna Get It,” he details the surrounding students of "weird" Carlos and the hatred that is felt towards his strange qualities. Carlos' classmates...

The 9/11 sales event

Debra Flax March 31, 2010

The other day I was checking Facebook when I came across a group called "No school on September 11." Now, being the non-addicted Facebook person that I am, I normally don't pay attention to the groups,...

Is it 2010 or 1984?

Debra Flax March 24, 2010

To me, there’s nothing more satisfying than cracking open the binding of a fresh book. You have to use your physical senses and make the literature a part of you in order to read it. Naturally, you...

It’s not unfair

Debra Flax March 11, 2010

On Monday, I went to the viewing of a documentary titled “Vincent Who?” detailing the brutal murder of Vincent Chin in 1982. On a June evening, Chin and his friends were enjoying his bachelor party...

The time of your life

Debra Flax March 4, 2010

The night before my high school graduation, I sat in a friend’s car and talked to her about everything from the day we met to the trouble we were going to cause in our future nursing home. “College...

Dead before the hangman

Debra Flax February 25, 2010

Viva Leroy Nash, the oldest death row inmate in the U.S., died last week at the Arizona Department of Corrections in Florence, Ariz. A death row inmate’s death isn’t that unusual except for the fact...

Month of the chick flick

Debra Flax February 18, 2010

Thirty chick flicks in 30 days. One full month of sappy love songs, tearful breakups and corny, you-had-me-at-hello moments could drive any sane man crazy, no? Well, a happy husband named Nick Waters...

What to do about V-Day

Debra Flax February 11, 2010

What are you doing for Valentine's Day? That's a question I've been hearing all week, directed toward both myself and others, as well. The answers ranged from "Well, [enter bubbly significant other name...

Behind closed doors

Debra Flax February 4, 2010

After his 2001 release, registered sex offender and child rapist William Barnason, 57, was hired as superintendent and rent collector for three apartment complexes in the Upper West Side of Manhattan....

This message brought to you by

Debra Flax January 21, 2010

On Feb. 7, Super Bowl XLIV will kick off and fans cheering on the team of their choice everywhere will gather around their televisions with friends and family. They’ll purchase their favorite chips and...

Ahhhh! And how are you?

Debra Flax January 15, 2010

With the storm of opinions circling my mind, here are a couple of observational questions I developed over the break and during the last few days. Why do teachers believe that we, their students, are...

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