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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

The Crimson White

Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

The Crimson White

Ahhhh! And how are you?

With the storm of opinions circling my mind, here are a couple of observational questions I developed over the break and during the last few days.

Why do teachers believe that we, their students, are only taking their class and their class alone?

Is it actually good timing to remodel the main library on campus in the middle of a semester?

Did Fox News think they made a proper choice in hiring former governor of I-can-see-Russia-from-my-house Sarah Palin as an analyst?

Can it finally be time to stop wasting our brain cells on the personal lives of such celebrity jerks as Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen and the empty spaces that are Jon and Kate Gosselin?

What’s up with Jay Leno’s retirement – I’m sorry – non-retirement plan?

Why are there only 24 hours in one day when I’ve needed at least 32 to accomplish everything I need to do?

Is anything more high tech than DVDs necessary at this point?

Why is Lady Gaga so freaking popular? And why can’t I get her repetitive, nonsensical songs out of my head?

Along those lines, what does “Rah-Rah Ah-Ah-Ah” actually mean?

Why does my computer always freeze right when I’m about to finish a paper that hasn’t been saved yet?

Did Colt McCoy really propose to his girlfriend over a stadium scoreboard?

Are we going to pretend that we seriously care that Simon Cowell’s finally leaving the leftover mess that is American Idol?

Are pregnancies being cared for at Planned Parenthood ever actually planned?

Do kids today truly find that texting while driving is a good idea?

Why can’t I ever find anything lucky like the president of Catholic University who found a Rembrandt etching in his bathroom? (I’d even be cool with finding a dollar on the sidewalk.)

Despite the amount of evidence suggesting otherwise, lead is NOT a good addition to items including, but not limited to, children’s toys, jewelry and anything for that matter.

Why do people bother taking on responsibilities they’re just going to back down from and not complete?

How come the cars driving on campus feel that it’s their right to rush those of us trying to walk legally across the street? And why do they find it necessary to stop in the middle of the crosswalk when they occasionally come to a stop at all?

Why is that the worst decisions now make the best stories later?

While I appreciate the advanced quality of special effects in Avatar, can it actually be considered a No. 1 movie? I mean, you’d at least think that after 10 years and such amazing visuals, a better storyline could have been hatched. (Forgive me, diehard Avatar fans.)

Other than the apparent sex appeal of Megan Fox, what is her point of existence?

Why are fitted sheets so difficult to fold?

And last but not least, Alabama won the BSC championship game! (That’s not really a concerned observation as it is mere fact. But it is most definitely something that must be acknowledged whenever possible. Roll Tide.)

Happy semester, everyone.

Debra Flax is a sophomore majoring in journalism. Her column runs on Thursdays.

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