Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

The Crimson White

Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

The Crimson White

Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

The Crimson White

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What it means to be a part of this community

Colby Leopard April 23, 2013

Community. An interesting word, if you think about it, that means something different to every single person in the world. When I arrived at The University of Alabama almost four years ago, I had a definition...

Never a dull moment as ‘House of Cards’ explores corrupt politics

Colby Leopard March 21, 2013

“House of Cards,” Netflix’s first self-distributed original TV show, made its entire first season available to subscribers for instant streaming last month on Feb. 1. A political drama based loosely...

‘Game of Thrones’ season 3 set to premiere March 31

Colby Leopard March 11, 2013

For those of us already addicted to the HBO hit series “Game of Thrones,” the time to start getting excited about the season three premiere happened as soon as season two ended on June 3. For those...

Travel shows don’t depict hard work, realistic circumstances of living abroad

Colby Leopard February 25, 2013

When it comes to travel television, shows like Anthony Bourdain’s “The Layover” and “House Hunters: International” rule the airwaves. Designed to take viewers to far off places while remaining...

Study finds college-aged people most stressed

Colby Leopard February 21, 2013

Young adults in America today report being more stressed out than any other age group, according to a recent study. According to the American Psychological Association, on a scale of 1-10 where one means...

Young cast of ‘Parks and Recreation’ more popular than ever

Colby Leopard February 13, 2013

If you happened to be one of the 6.8 million people who watched the “Parks and Recreation” pilot episode on April 9, 2009, you would have seen a hodge-podge cast of B, C and D list actors and actresses...

‘Portlandia’ takes cheap shots at the bizarre, stereotypical life in Portland

Colby Leopard February 7, 2013

After building a following of loyal hipsters through the Independent Film Channel and Netflix, “Portlandia”’s third season is fully underway and is as mockingly beautiful as ever. Starring Fred...

UA archaeologists surveying future hotel site

UA archaeologists surveying future hotel site

Colby Leopard February 5, 2013

A team from the Office of Archaeological Research for The University of Alabama Museums is conducting an archaeological survey of the future site of the Embassy Suites hotel in downtown Tuscaloosa, which...

HBO show creator becoming the voice of a generation

Colby Leopard January 24, 2013

Turn on some Santigold and prepare to have your mind blown by, you guessed it, reality because “Girls” is back in town. Created and produced by Lena Dunham, the second season of HBO’s “Girls”...

UA reaches out to student veterans

Colby Leopard January 16, 2013

As some U.S. veterans struggle with the logistics of paying for school with the GI Bill, The University of Alabama is offers a safe haven by guaranteeing to cover the tuition costs of in- and out-of-state...

PHL 231 applies classroom material to the real world

Colby Leopard December 5, 2012

The University of Alabama’s philosophy department will be offering a new course next semester to allow students to experience firsthand what they are learning in the classroom. Philosophy professor...

Transfer credit hours keep some students from game

Colby Leopard November 29, 2012

With the Crimson Tide’s date with the Georgia Bulldogs in the SEC Championship game looming, this should be a time for students to be excited about cheering on the team. Instead, many students will be...

All sororities plan to expand, relocate

Colby Leopard November 20, 2012

With the University of Alabama entering the construction and designing phases of the sorority expansion master plan, every house on sorority row is slated to expand or relocate in the next few years. ...

Stewart: Moore will be kept in check

Colby Leopard November 14, 2012

Now that Roy Moore has been re-elected as chief justice of the Alabama State Supreme Court, some people at The University of Alabama are asking, “What comes next?” “[Moore] could alleviate some...

Tuscaloosas 1st Jewish temple set to be demolished

Tuscaloosa’s 1st Jewish temple set to be demolished

Colby Leopard November 13, 2012

The first dedicated Jewish Temple in Tuscaloosa has been slated for destruction by the City Council . The original Temple Emanu-El sustained damages to its roof, floor and walls during the April 27, 2011,...

Fed study says Alabama economy one of worst

Colby Leopard November 7, 2012

Alabama has the worst economy in the Southeast, according to research conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. For two years, Alabama has had the worst economy in the region, based on the...

Professors emeritus hold title, no extra responsibility

Colby Leopard November 1, 2012

Professors that retire from The University of Alabama can be granted the status of professor emeritus, a distinction awarded by the University’s board of trustees and Provost. Robert Halli, dean emeritus...

Buildings on campus and around Tuscaloosa thought to be haunted

Buildings on campus and around Tuscaloosa thought to be haunted

Colby Leopard October 31, 2012

Tuscaloosa is rich with history in the way that many southern towns are. Named after a Native American killed by European settlers, Tuscaloosa is freckled with plantation homes that once oversaw massive...

University employs over 1,300 Gameday workers

University employs over 1,300 Gameday workers

Colby Leopard October 24, 2012

While students and fans are enjoying the festivities that come with a home football game in Tuscaloosa, The University of Alabama is hard at work behind the scenes to ensure the safety and pleasure for...

Students are most effective recruiters for University

Colby Leopard October 24, 2012

When President Witt first came to The University of Alabama, he set out to increase the size of the student body and the number of high-caliber students in enrollment. To accomplish this task, the University...

Quidditch on the Quad to return in spring 2013

Colby Leopard October 18, 2012

For students interested in knowing where Quidditch on the Quad is this year, the Honors College Assembly has your answer. “We are moving Quidditch on the Quad to the spring semester this year for a...

Rulers of the Rec

Rulers of the Rec

Colby Leopard October 10, 2012

For many, the University’s 17 Rec Center-sanctioned intramural sports offer a chance to stay fit, active and competitive. Over the years, the University’s Rec fields have become a Mecca for these students....

Gameday Pedicabs face roadblocks near Bryant-Denny

Colby Leopard September 25, 2012

Using the services of EasyRider Pedicab Company, Alabama fans no longer have to fight through crowds on foot to get to the stadium for home football games. The company offers rides from pedicabs, which...

The Capstone College of Nursing also provides free flu shots to students. Junior nursing student Mollie Wallace administers a flu shot to sophomore Jessica Bell Tuesday afternoon in Daster Hall.

Nursing students strive for flu-free campus

Colby Leopard September 12, 2012

In an effort to keep The University of Alabama’s campus flu-free this fall, the University Medical Center and the Capstone College of Nursing are teaming up to give free flu shots to students, faculty...

Spectrum celebrating 30th year at UA

Colby Leopard September 4, 2012

Spectrum, The University of Alabama’s LGBTQA student organization, will celebrate its 30th birthday on campus this month as they continue advocating for LGBTQA rights on campus. Spectrum President Noah...

Cookie shop thriving after UA dispute

Colby Leopard August 29, 2012

By Colby Leopard Contributing Writer Following an official apology from the University for sending a cease-and-desist order, Mary’s Cakes and Pastries has received verbal permission to continue using...

Students spend Saturday morning volunteering in the community

Colby Leopard August 27, 2012

Students across campus woke up early Saturday to volunteer throughout the Tuscaloosa community at Hands On Tuscaloosa’s third annual community service day. More than 200 students worked at seven locations...

UA to launch iPhone app

UA to launch iPhone app

Colby Leopard April 28, 2010

Staying updated about campus affairs and getting involved with UA events will soon be easier for University students, thanks to a new smart phone application. The University inked a deal with Blackboard...

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