LANY draws crowd at Tuscaloosa Amphitheater 

Savannah Ichikawa , Staff Reporter 

The pop band LANY recently performed for an enthusiastic crowd at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater on Monday, Aug. 29. After the opening performance by Surfaces, the energized crowd was excited for LANY to appear on the stage to play their top hits. 

Featuring 34 different cities, LANY’s “Summer Forever” tour started Aug. 3 and continues until Sept. 24. The band announced the tour on April 11, following the success of their previous fall tour, “gg bb xx,” which is titled after their last album of the same name. 

Originally formed in Nashville, Tennessee in 2014, LANY now has a global fan base. With more than 3.5 billion hits in streaming and over 500,000 worldwide ticket sales, the band continues to expand its fan base and entertain listeners across the world with their current tour. 

LANY’s music is a mix of alternative, indie and pop rock that portrays a variety of emotions. From heartbreak anthems to lively songs that make listeners want to jump around, they have something to match any feeling. 

Starting the night off strong, LANY played upbeat songs from their most recent albums, “gg bb xx” and “mama’s boy” and performed their latest single, “Congrats,” which was released on Aug. 24.  

Dedicated fans sang along and danced to every song. The set was bright and colorful, consisting of different backdrops to match the dynamic of every song. Silly videos that made people laugh were played on the large screen behind the band as they sang. 

Victoria Palazzolo, a senior majoring in accounting, said this LANY concert was the first concert she had ever gone to and was happy her first experience was so fun.  

“They put the lyrics on the screen so even if not everyone was familiar with the song, they could still sing along,” Palazzolo said. “There was also a display of GIFs that related to the lyrics that played as they sang, and I thought that it enhanced the experience as well.”  

Palazzolo said she has been a faithful listener of LANY since high school and had been waiting to see them live for years. 

“I thought the concert was excellent,” Palazzolo said. “I was able to experience it from the pit, which was incredible.” 

The lead guitarists, Paul Jason Klein and Les Priest, wore Alabama t-shirts on stage and said “Roll Tide” throughout the concert, interacting with fans all night. 

“The bands all wore matching Alabama shirts which was cute,” Gracie Springer, a senior majoring in educational neuroscience, said. “My favorite part of the night was getting upgraded to the general admission section by their tour manager.” 

Klein took selfies with fans and captured their smiles on a camera that was being projected on the screen behind him. He even held the microphone out to the crowd, encouraging everyone to sing. 

People of all ages were present at the concert, and the band drew a crowd from many parts of the city. Even people from outside of Tuscaloosa came to the event. 

Mahika Tyagi, a junior majoring in healthcare management at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, said she and her friends came from Birmingham to see LANY. She said she first started listening to the band on Spotify when she was in high school. 

“My favorite album is ‘Malibu Nights’ so that’s what I’m most excited for,” Tyagi said. “They were my No. 1 artist for two years.” 

Tyagi’s friends, Asavri Shanker and Mohymina Amjad, two UAB juniors majoring in marine biology and neuroscience respectively, said they were excited to spend the night outside listening to their favorite songs together. 

“I’m here to vibe with my friends and have a good night,” Amjad said. 

Popular songs from each of the LANY albums were performed, including “Super Far,” “Thru These Tears,” “Cowboy in LA” and many more.  

Although it was the band’s first time performing in Tuscaloosa, they said they were happy to be in Alabama and want to come back in the future.  

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