SGA announces unofficial spring election results 

Kayla Solino | @kaylasolino, Staff Reporter

The Student Government Association announced the unofficial preliminary results for the 2022 spring election. 

The Elections Manual requires that unofficial results be posted by 11:59 p.m. on election day. Three class days after the election, the results will be final if no complaints or appeals are still pending. 

The SGA Judicial Board has postponed the confirmation of the presidential election results until after spring break — more than two weeks after the election — because of the ongoing appeal process for a complaint against candidate Madeline Martin.

The injunction on the presidential results was imposed on election day by Matthew Curl, chief justice of the Judicial Board, until the board meets on March 23.

Presidential candidate Sarah Shield’s campaign manager, Garrett Burnett, appealed the Elections Board’s dismissal of a complaint that Martin overspent on her campaign.

The Judicial Board declined to prevent the release of unofficial election results, citing its lack of authority to do so, but did postpone confirmation of the vote until after the original appeal could be resolved. 

With a voter turnout of 28.23%, here are the results of the spring 2022 election: 


Constitutional Amendments

C-01-21: An amendment to the constitution to ensure election violation adjudication transparency ⁠— Passed

C-01-22: An amendment to the constitution to change SGA homecoming responsibilities ⁠— Passed


Executive Council 

President: Madeline Martin (Results are unofficial until the Judicial Board reviews an appeal on March 23.) 

Executive Vice President: Jack Steinmetz 

VP for Student Affairs: Luke Dille 

VP for Academic Affairs: Cameron Doyle

VP for Financial Affairs: Lauryn Parker

VP for External Affairs: Collier Dobbs

VP for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Izzy Boyd

Executive Secretary: Josie Schmitt 



Arts and Sciences: 

  • Tyler Tannehill
  • Ellie Wiltanger
  • Taryn Geiger
  • Hannah Ford
  • Xzarria Peterson
  • John Richardson
  • Olivia Frazier
  • Sam Akins
  • Kieghan Nangle
  • Maria Derisavi

Commerce and Business Administration: 

  • CJ Pearson
  • Lexi Sims
  • Nicholas Boyd
  • John Foster
  • Tyler Zuspann
  • Athena Critides
  • Hunter Howell
  • Lucas Weldon
  • Judson Fair
  • Thomas Ashton
  • Myles Gollop
  • John McLendon 

Communication & Information Sciences:

  • Ally-Anna Outlaw
  • Jenna Berkower
  • Morgan Patrick


  • Seth Hudson
  • Jacob Rohleder 

Human & Environmental Sciences: 

  • Emma Fraley
  • Jolie Golden
  • Karina Collins

Social Work: 

  • Elizabeth Prophet
  • Sarah Pierce


  • Sarah Kate Smalley
  • Kaleigh Shaw 


  • Clay Bruce
  • Kiley Price
  • Jack Rudder
  • Alexander East
  • Ryan LaJoye
  • Bryant Segars


  • Justin McCleskey
  • Emilia Stuart
  • Rebecca-Rose Lutonsky
  • Jennifer Baggett
  • Viprav Raju
  • Caleb Williams
  • Noel Keeney
  • Tolulope Kolapo


  • John Dawson
  • Bobby Weinacker