SGA cuts ties with homecoming election

Alex Gravlee, Contributing Writer

The Student Government Association unanimously ended its involvement with homecoming elections on Jan. 27.

The resolution removes any mention of homecoming from the SGA Code of Laws, clearing any responsibility the SGA has for the event. To reflect this change, SGA homecoming will now be known as homecoming.

Among the responsibilities relinquished, the SGA will no longer be required to:

  • Appoint an executive director of homecoming.
  • Approve rules and procedures related to homecoming.
  • Hear the executive director of homecoming’s evaluation report.
  • Be a part of the Homecoming Risk Management Board.

This legislation also relieves the SGA Elections Board from confirming the homecoming queen election results. 

The resolution was drafted due to the SGA’s waning involvement in homecoming over the past decade, according to Sen. John Richardson, the bill’s author. Richardson is also the co-chair of the recently formed student task force that will develop a new manual for homecoming elections following this year’s election cycle

The most involvement the SGA has had with homecoming recently is appointing an executive director last year. 

“This is simply updating our Code of Laws to reflect reality,” said Richardson. “It’s just keeping the SGA up to date in its governing documents.”

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