More than 3,600 personalized brick pavers added to Crimson Promenade

Grace Schepis | @GraceSchepisCW, Staff Writer

The Crimson Promenade, the grassy area lined with engraved bricks outside the Ferguson Student Center, is undergoing renovations. 

“In addition to improving drainage, the renovations will help ensure a high quality location for UA students, alumni, leaders and friends to leave their legacy through the personalization of one of the brick or marble pavers,” UA spokesperson Shane Dorrill said.

The University is adding 32 sections of pavers to the Promenade and expanding two preexisting sections. 

One section includes the names of students who have died while attending the University. The Division of Student Life provides the bricks in this section at no cost. 

The second section includes the names of Big Als, as well as members of the Million Dollar Band, Crimsonettes and cheerleading teams. 

In total, 3,676 bricks will be added in this round of construction, bringing the total brick count on the Crimson Promenade to 18,676.

This project, facilitated by the UA Facilities and Grounds Department, began July 16, 2021. The department aims to complete construction before the first home football game on Sept. 11 when the Crimson Tide hosts the Mercer Bears. 

While construction is underway, the Division of Student Life is promoting the brick sale on its site. Inscribed brick pavers are available for $200, and marble pavers are available for $1,000. Pavers go on sale on the first of February, June and October, and ordered bricks are typically placed on the Promenade two months after the purchase.