ACT Cards to go digital June 1

Zach Johnson | @ZachJohnsonCW, Assistant News Editor

Students’ swipe Action (ACT) Cards featuring Denny Chimes will become digital starting June 1. ACT cards will no longer function at readers. 

Students will need to add their ACT Card to their mobile devices by May 30 to avoid any interruption in service. If not, students will be unable to use ACT Card services, like door access, purchases, event access or meal swipes. 

Instructions on how to add an ACT Card to Apple Wallet or Google Pay can be found on the ACT Card website.

Faculty and staff will also experience changes. Current ACT Cards, which feature Denny Chimes, will be deactivated on July 13. Faculty and staff who require physical cards for time clocks must request a new ACT Card by July 12 to avoid an interruption in service. 

The new ACT Cards feature Big Al, and require a new, recent picture, which must be submitted for approval on the ACT Card website.

To request a new ACT Card, faculty and staff can contact the Action Card Office at 205-348-2288 or via email at [email protected]

The University claims that the switch is intended to enhance security and convenience. The all digital cards will utilize encrypted transactions between a card reader and the mobile device, and multi-factor authentication between myBama and DUO, increasing security, according to Action Card Director Jeanine Brooks Additionally, all digital cards will feature faster transaction speeds. A non-physical ACT Card also eliminates the use of plastic, makes card use contactless, and reduces lost card charges since there’s no physical card to lose.