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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Tony’s Taste of the Town: Satchel’s Pizza, Florida


Florida’s offense is fast-paced and speed-oriented. However, if you are willing to slow down, Gainesville rewards those who are patient. Satchel’s, located on 1800 Northeast 23rd Avenue, is a local favorite known for its mouth-watering pizza.

Visitors and local residents alike regularly pack the small restaurant, which features local bands and art shows, as well as local ingredients, to get a true taste of Gainesville.

“First of all, it is a local place,” assistant manager Patrick Quinney said. “I think we are widely considered the best pizza in town. I think a lot of people like that we feature live music and art shows. The local nature of what we feature here is what really sets us apart.”

Satchel’s features a unique, artsy atmosphere you don’t find in most places. Customers can eat outside on the porch or inside at one of the many themed tables. Some of the special features you will find include a hollowed out van in which customers can eat, as well as a bocce ball court out back.

Though lines for pizza tend to be long at Satchel’s, the restaurant provides friendly service and plenty to do during your wait.

“Everyone kind of pitches in, and it really makes you feel like the people care about you,” University of Florida junior Nicole Boyett said. “They also have this store called Lightning Salvage, and it has all these little toys and trinkets. It just has everything. The whole place is a work of art.”

Customers will agree that the food is definitely worth the wait since the restaurant puts extra care into each pizza.

“Obviously, we try to privilege quality over speed,” Quinney said. “It is kind of an experience, and we want them to have a great meal when they sit down.”

Part of what makes the restaurant a Gainesville favorite is the fresh toppings it offers. Many of Satchel’s ingredients are from the area or grown from their own garden.

“We have a lot of interesting ingredients,” Quinney said. “We have tempeh; a lot of pizza places don’t have that as a topping. We have fresh basil that we grow here in our garden. We have like 35 different toppings.”

For Boyett, the combination of freshness and the broad range of ingredients cannot be matched anywhere else.

“My favorites are the basil and the mushrooms because they are so fresh,” Boyett said. “They don’t use canned mushrooms. I also like feta cheese on it. Their cheese is so good. It is just the perfect pizza for me.”

For fans, for a different game day experience, Satchel’s is definitely a break from the norm.  Satchel’s opens at 11 a.m., and it is advised that fans dining on gameday give themselves ample time before the game in order to fully enjoy their Satchel’s experience.

“If you are in a rush, you don’t need to go to Satchel’s,” Boyett said. “It is like a whole event. They take their time, and they make a really good pizza.”

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