Nott Hall renamed, but committee’s work is ‘far from finished’

Keely Brewer | @keelykbrewer, Assistant News Editor

The UA System Board of Trustees unanimously voted to rename Nott Hall to Honors Hall during a special meeting on August 5. 

This decision follows the recommendation of a select group of trustees who were appointed to a Building Names Review Committee in early June. 

The formation of the committee coincided with the removal and subsequent relocation of three confederate plaques from the UA campus, which occurred following mounting pressure for the University to address its racist past. 

The group of trustees, including Judge John England, Jr., Barbara Humphrey, Vanessa Leonard, Harris Morrissette, Scott Phelps and Stan Starnes have met weekly since the committee’s formation. 

“Our group verified that Josiah Nott supported slavery and misused medical evidence to argue that non-white races were inferior, and that my ancestors, like scores of others, were destined for destruction,” England said. 

The Student Government Association released a statement applauding the Board for its “swift decision.” 

England called the decision an “appropriate and worthy nomination at this time” as it reflects the University’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. 

The committee’s work is “far from finished” according to England, and will continue to review building names on all UA System campuses. Any further recommendations will be made at future Board of Trustees meetings.