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The sun sets on MTV’s Jersey Shore tonight

The first season of MTV’s fist-pumping, open-shirt-wearing, radically crazy phenomenon is coming to an end tonight in the series finale of the popular show, “Jersey Shore.” MTV has taken viewers to meet eight young adults living in a summerhouse on one of the most popular spots on the New Jersey shore.

Angelina, Jenni “J-Woww,” Mike “The Situation,” Nicole “Snooki,” DJ Pauly D, Ronnie, Sammi “Sweetheart” and Vinny have come to live with one another for the summer in Seaside Heights, and viewers have tuned in to see the group go through work, love, friendship, drama and hookups.

A lot of viewers have different opinions of the show, but when it comes to watching, some people said they can’t seem to turn away. The dramatic antics portrayed in what could be called a “train wreck” of a show proved to be addicting and had some people wanting more this season.

Some people love the show, some think it’s ridiculous, and some don’t waste their time watching a show that’s anything but appealing to them, but admit to watching it at least once.

Colin Gallagher, a junior majoring in finance, said his favorite member of the cast was Mike “The Situation,” a 27-year-old from Staten Island, N.Y., who has a sensitive side and plenty of game to go with it. He said he predicted the finale would focus on Mike and Nicole “Snooki,” a 21-year-old from Marlboro, N.Y., who brought promiscuity to another level at the summer shore and became the target of a couple of physical confrontations.

“They’ve had a lot of ‘situations’ in the past and I think they might get in a serious ‘situation’ in the finale,” Gallagher said. “I live my life through Mike ‘The Situation.’”

While critics have argued that Jersey Shore is just an Italian version of “The Real World” and has no real quality content, it can be hard to turn away from. Arguments and physical altercations have been the main focus of the show, forcing viewers to be captivated by this special group of young people in their party-going lifestyle.

For example, Ronnie, a 23-year-old from the Bronx, found himself in a few brawls during the season but is really just a lover who wants to have a good time. Gallagher said Ronnie could also be a factor in the finale, especially given what he already expects to happen between Mike and Snooki.

“I can’t wait to see if [Mike] decides to get with Snooki in the finale,” Gallagher said. “I also want to see what happens with Ronnie since he’s been in jail.”

Aaron Holloway, a junior majoring in sports medicine, said he has a different opinion about the cast and the show as a whole.

“The show consists of hot-headed meat heads,” Holloway said. “It takes one guy to say something small to throw them off their reservation.”

Holloway said he had issues with Snooki as well.

“I also don’t like how promiscuous Snooki can be,” Holloway said. “She would get with anyone as long as he has spiked hair and muscles.”

Other women on “Jersey Shore” have twisted dating histories as well. Sammi “Sweetheart”, a 22-year-old from Hazlet, N.J., has been a serial dater her whole life. Her friends call her sweetheart, but when it comes to men, she’s a heartbreaker.

Jenny (J-WOWW), a 23-year-old from Franklin Square, N.Y., is a party girl with without self-control. Wherever she ventures, drama is sure to follow.

Still, Holloway said he does plan on watching the finale tonight. His reasoning, you ask?

He hates the cast but loves the drama.

Other members of that cast include Angelina, who always has something to say in the house and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks, DJ Pauly D, a well-known DJ who keeps a tanning bed at his house and orders gel by the case, and Vinny, a self-controlled mamma’s boy and a natural entertainer.

Ellis Burns, a senior majoring in general business, said she has harsh feelings about the show that have blown up since its airing back in November. Burns describes the show as “a bunch of cocky, muscle-head dudes with average girls.

“All they do is argue over something dumb,” Burns said. While many will be tuning into the highly anticipated finale, Burns said she would not join them.

“I will not be watching,” Burns said. “I have better things to do.”

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