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Sweet Tea Trio embarking on tour, writing new songs


Sweet Tea Trio, a band of three Alabama natives, is fresh off a cruise in the Bahamas. Once a group of small-town country singers, Sweet Tea Trio is finding success as they branch out from their southern roots.

Savannah Coker, Kate Falcon and Victoria Camp are the members of Sweet Tea Trio. Coker attended The University of Alabama and Camp has lived in Tuscaloosa her entire life, so they have close ties to the area. 

The big news for Sweet Tea Trio this year is that the band signed a co-management deal with Ken Levitan at Vector Management. This is a huge step for the band’s career and the production of their new album. 

“The first time we met Ken, Kid Rock had brought him to a show we played at on this tiny, tiny stage in a lobby,” Falcon said. “A few months later we opened for Kid Rock and signed a deal with Ken that day, so it really came full circle for us.”

Now, Sweet Tea Trio has opened for Kid Rock in 10 sold out arenas across the U.S. He continues to help the girls with the creative aspect of their music and the vision on how everything should go on stage.

Sweet Tea Trio’s sound has a country twang with some hard rock influence. All three women grew up listening to artists like the Dixie Chicks, Aerosmith and Johnny Cash, to name a few. However, Fleetwood Mac is Camp’s all-time favorite band. 

“Not a lot of girls out there are doing the grungy, rock country style of music that we are doing,” Camp said. “All our music is pretty clean, like we don’t sing about drinking or smoking, because we are a family band and we want younger kids to enjoy our music, too.”

The band that has now become Sweet Tea Trio actually started out with three individual artists who knew they wanted to sing and be musicians. But these musicians had one similar link to each other.

“We all had the same vocal coach and he has an ear for harmonies,” Coker said. “We were each given the assignment to learn the harmonies to the song ‘Hell on Heels’ and we all learned it in one night together.”

The girls have been together ever since and released their debut EP about a year ago. The EP is self-titled and has six songs. Two songs, “Rebel Romance” and “Time Machine” were written by the band and have been the most popular songs on the EP. Camp’s favorite part of the process is the songwriting behind it.

“You always go into the writing room thinking you’re going to write something, and it ends up being completely different,” Camp said. “You do a complete 360 and what you get out of it is great work.”

Sweet Tea Trio’s EP is available on all digital platforms, including Spotify. The band is also active on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and they always look forward to interacting with fans on these sites. 

Sweet Tea Trio is excited to start working on and writing songs for their new album, but in the meantime they have a concert in Anniston, Alabama this Saturday, April 21. The concert will be at the Historic Zinn Park at 1 p.m., and Muscadine Bloodline will also perform. 

“Having this show in Anniston is going to be really fun for us since we all get to come back to our home state and perform with other local artists,” Falcon said. 

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