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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Alpha Psi Omega theatre society suspended from campus until fall 2019


On Tuesday, the Gamma Gamma Cast of the Alpha Psi Omega performing arts honor society was suspended until August of 2019 for violating University of Alabama policies, including the presence of alcohol in an academic building. The suspension was immediately effective. Thus, Alpha Psi Omega, or APO, is no longer permitted to operate or hold any functions as a chapter for the remainder of the semester and the entirety of the next school year, according to an email sent out to chapter members.

Stacy Alley, the former advisor of Alpha Psi Omega, declined to make any comments about the situation and the circumstances surrounding the suspension. The president of the organization, Megan Hill, was advised to do the same by the Department of Theatre and Dance upon our request for comment.

In the Fall of 2019, the Department of Theatre and Dance will assemble a committee to discuss the reinstatement of the Gamma Gamma Cast, according to the same email. The committee deliberations may result in policy changes for the organization including but not limited to raising the membership GPA requirement, limiting membership to majors and minors within the Department of Theatre and Dance, and enforcing the presence of an advisor at all group gatherings.

However, the reinstatement of the chapter is not a given. The department reserves the right to entirely disband the honor society if any violations of the suspension are brought to their attention. 

The cast members are struggling with how to cope with the situation. Some are concerned that voicing their true opinions about the suspension could affect whether or not the chapter will be allowed to return and might even impact their abilities to be cast in future departmental performances.

Claire Ponder, a sophomore double majoring in dance and business, described why she felt the situation is affecting members so deeply.

“APO is more than just an honors society for us,” Ponder said. “It’s definitely very much a close knit family of people who come over from all over campus. And, it’s such a home because we are bonded by this love for art, but it’s also a home for people of color, people who suffer from mental illnesses, or varying sexualities or gender identities and just people who just feel lost at such a big university. I woke up Tuesday, and my home was gone. So it was just numb, I did not know how to feel.”

Members are clutching to the hope of the Fall 2019 reinstatement. The cast is struggling to find other organizations that play the same role as Alpha Psi Omega did on campus.

“There’s really no where we can go, and there’s no organization like this on campus, either, that we could just change to,” Ponder said. “This is a very unique place for us to share art and a very safe place for us to share art. There’s no other place for us to go.”

Despite the difficult situation, members plan to continue with their dedication to the arts and the inclusive atmosphere that Gamma Gamma strove to create. 

Editor’s note: CW Editor-in-chief Elizabeth Elkin and assistant culture editor Elizabeth Thiel are both members of Alpha Psi Omega. Neither were involved in the editing or reporting of this story.

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