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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Dance Alabama! celebrates the unexpected


By Logan Doctson | Staff Reporter 

When it comes to dance performances, viewers may not expect much beyond what they’d see in a traditional ballet. One on campus group is trying to change this.

Dance Alabama! is a student choreography organization that performs one concert each semester. Dance Alabama!’s concerts are intended to expose students to various types of dances while showcasing the talent of UA student dancers. The shows are built from the beginning to the end by students. The spring concert, opening March 27, will feature 24 pieces.

“The spring concert is extremely diverse in work,” said Alexia Acebo, a senior majoring in dance. “There is something for every audience member from hip hop to pointe work. There is something for everyone to enjoy.”

Acebo is also the president of the organization.

“I am in charge of organizing a cast of around 100 dancers and about 25 choreographers,” Acebo said. “I run the adjudications that take place prior to the selected show, organize warmups and lead the company of dancers each day of the show.”

The different voices of participants of Dance Alabama! are heard through dancing, choreography, music choices, etc. The spring concert features a wide range of music like classical, big band, pop and experimental. 

“The concert is very different than the typical DA! because of the types of dances submitted this year,” Kendall Niblett, a junior dance major, said. “The concert is very strong, high-energy and unpredictable. Each dance that walks on stage is totally different from the last you saw. I think that this is the strongest show I have seen since I have been a student here at the University.”

Niblett also choreographed the opening piece of the concert.

“I wanted to touch on the struggles of creating dance or any forms of art in that matter,” Niblett said. “I wanted to showcase that you can create something just for fun and that “mature dancing” does not always have to be slow, sad and meaningful. It can just be dancing around to fun music with your best friends to entertain the audience and fulfill your own personal love for the art form as well. It’s okay to be selfish when you are performing, so I allowed my cast to do just that.”

The spring concert is the last performance for many dancers who are graduating this May.

“Dance Alabama! means the world to me,” Acebo said. “It has facilitated an environment for creativity and expression in a safe place. It has allowed for time to build the best relationships I have here at UA. As a choreographer, it has given me the chance to explore my artistic voice and receive critiques from faculty members who care about our trajectories as professionals. As a senior, it’s bittersweet to be in my last show here at UA, but an amazing feeling to see what’s been built over the last four years both on stage and off.”

Georgia Sheridan, a junior double majoring in dance and art and the external affairs co-chair of Dance Alabama! has looked for inspiration from the seniors since she joined the organization. Sheridan will be performing in three numbers during the spring concert, one of which is choreographed by Acebo.

“Alexia’s choreography always challenges me rhythmically and physically, but the concept of the piece also relies a lot on performance, which is an added challenge,” Sheridan said. “The process has been a blast and this piece is going to be a great way to end the show with a bang.”

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