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Here are the best places to prepare for midterms, papers and projects

Jake Stevens

It’s hard to believe that the semester is almost half over and that midterms are steadily approaching. The word midterm evokes various meanings among UA students: It can mean an exam, group project, paper, speech or various other ways of testing what they’ve learned. For many, approaching midterms also means a heightened consumption of many cups of coffee and snacks. Here’s a list of places in Tuscaloosa that are best for preparing for specific types of midterms. Always remember to keep calm and study on.

Best for group projects: Nehemiah’s Coffee House

Known for its relaxed vibe and delicious yet inexpensive lattes, Nehemiah’s Coffee House is a suitable place to go to work on a group project with classmates. Nehemiah’s has televisions, couches, tables for small groups and board games, which make for a great study break. The coffee house’s relaxing atmosphere makes it a prime spot for group projects.

Best for one-on-one speech practice: Heritage Coffee House

In addition to their wide range of coffees, teas and homemade baked goods, Heritage Coffee House offers a calming and friendly environment, which also makes it a comfortable place to prepare and practice speeches with a peer.

Best for writing a paper: Monarch Espresso Bar 

Known for their one of a kind coffees and free-spirited vibe, Monarch Espresso Bar is a fitting place to spend the day writing a last-minute paper. The relaxed vibe that the espresso bar radiates allows customers to let their creative juices flow.

Best for exam prep: Uperk Coffee Shop 

Multiple choice exams can be tricky, especially with true/false and short answer questions thrown in. Uperk’s organized and spacious set-up offers an environment perfect for thinking clearly, and with plenty of room to crank out flash cards and prepare for those pesky exams. In addition to Uperk’s coffee, they also serve hot pressed sandwiches, so you don’t even have to leave the coffee shop to get meals in between study breaks.

Best for working on a take-home exam: Starbucks

With two locations on campus, Starbucks’ close proximity to virtually any building on campus makes it easy for a group of students to meet and work on a take home exam. You’ll save both time and money if you stay on campus and use your Dining Dollars.

Best for doing homework: Gorgas Library 

Midterm week doesn’t just mean an abundance of exams, but it can also mean an excess of homework. Located at the heart of campus, Gorgas Library makes it convenient to do homework before, after and in between classes. Additionally, Gorgas is the only library on campus that has a coffee shop inside. On the first floor of Gorgas, students can pay a visit to Java City, which accepts Dining Dollars and sells an assortment of coffees, pastries, smoothies, teas and snacks.

Best for brain power: Frutta Bowls When studying for a short answer exam, it’s imperative that students completely understand every concept from that class, so that they can get the maximum amount of credit for their answers. Frutta Bowls’ specialty in fruit bowls and smoothies give students an extra boost of brain power, so that they can go into their test feeling confident.

Best for pre-exam relaxation: Another Broken Egg Café 

Need helping finding inspiration for whatever school work your midterm week consists of? You can find peace and motivation by visiting Another Broken Egg Cafe and gazing at the view overlooking the Black Warrior River while sipping on a cup of coffee.

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