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Local spots and ideas for a relaxed Valentines Day


If you’re the kind of person who cringes at the thought of a heart-filled, chocolate-covered, candlelit Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to dread the holiday and hope it passes by in a flash. But, never fear, there are ways to enjoy V-Day without all the cliché glitter and romance. Here are a few ways to celebrate a more laid-back Valentine’s Day on campus and in Tuscaloosa. 

Pizza Picnic

Nothing says “low-key” like pizza. Plus, if you’re on a tight budget, this date is sure to keep your wallet happy while also providing the romantic pizzazz necessary to impress your date. Grab a pizza of your choice from Little Italy, Heat or even order one with those blessed Dining Dollars from Dominos. Then, head on down to the Riverwalk. You can set up a nice picnic on one of the numerous tables that line the river, or spread a blanket out closer to water. Either way, listening to the peaceful splashes of the river and munching on a pizza pie with your significant other would be a fresh take on the classic dinner date. 

Olympics and Chill

If the cold and rain sends you looking for an indoor activity, flip on NBC and check out all the nifty Olympic competition happening in Pyeongchang. Whip up some tasty sports-watching snacks like Rotel cheese dip or crockpot-style wings, and wear your most patriotic USA gear. Viewing the snowy landscapes of Korea while rain drizzles against you window is sure to induce a cozy atmosphere. Besides, what could possibly be more romantic than watching a good game of curling?

Museum and Dinner

If you’re a more artsy couple looking for a cultural experience, check out the Tuscaloosa Museum of Art on Jack Warner Parkway, and then discuss your artistic opinions over dinner. The Museum closes at 6 p.m., so you’ll have to get an early start. However, admission is free, and it houses over 1000 pieces of art, many from famous artists like Mary Cassatt and George Luks. This creative date option will additionally make you sound very educated when your friends inquire after your Valentine’s plans.

V-Day with ‘Vinegar Tom’

UA’s Theatre and Dance Department offers a Valentine’s date-night opportunity for those interested in watching a live show. “Vinegar Tom,” their latest production, will show at 7:30 p.m. tonight, Feb. 14. The play explores feminism through a mother and daughter as they experience the witch trials in 17th century England. The play will take place in Rowand-Johnson Hall’s Marian Gallaway Theatre. Admission is $14 for students, $17 for UA faculty, staff and seniors and $20 for general admission. The show continues through Sunday. 

“WALL-E” Showing

Name a more iconic couple than WALL-E and EVE … I’ll wait. As part of the SGA’s Green Week, “WALL-E” will show for free in the Ferg Theatre. The movie will start at 6:30 p.m., and attending is worth a Greek Point. Watching “WALL-E” is a great way to amplify your appreciation of the environment while providing you with some relationship pointers, as well.

Cookin’ like Cupid

What better way to bond than by making your own tasty desserts? Cooking your own Valentine’s Day treats is a fun activity for a couple or even just a group of friends. You could make chocolate covered strawberries, decorate cookies or bake a red velvet cake and then enjoy your snacks while watching a good, ol’ fashioned rom-com.

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