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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Tuscaloosa’s best locations for a study break

Caroline Japal

You’ve been studying for hours on end at the same coffee shop, sipping the same latte that’s been powering you through hundreds of Quizlets and Blackboard assignments. In attempting to take a break you’ve refreshed Instagram, Twitter and Facebook only to find no new media because, of course, everyone else is just as busy studying as you are. Your foot taps, you stare into an abyss of nothing, your eyes glaze over, and you quickly realize your eyes and brain need a break from the bleak computer screens. Try one of these six escapes for peace of mind and body this finals season.

Try a sip of Tea Town

Had too much black coffee? Lighten things up and find relaxation in this eclectic artisan tea company, tucked right next to Mary’s Cakes and Pastries. Cozy up in a velvet armchair with your favorite fall novel and enjoy medicinal loose-leaf teas made with homegrown ingredients and locally grown herbs and fruits. Whether it’s “Winter’s Nap,” a chamomile lavender-infused tea to reduce anxiety and alleviate stress, or “Hibiscus Bliss,” imbued with peppermint and antioxidants to cleanse and calm, Tea Town offers a variety of combinations for any stress-ridden student. 

Rest at Capitol Park

Discover the ruins of Alabama’s Capitol, dating back to the 1920s when it was burned down. Bring a blanket and a friend to relax in the cool outdoors alongside some brie and a baguette. Don’t connect the crumbling stones to your crumbling GPA, however, as this study break will leave you recharged and ready for a full week of flashcards, final exams, and anything but failure.

Take a stroll around Lake Lurleen

For just $4, snake through the quiet trails alongside the tranquility of Lake Lurleen. Smooth enough to resemble a translucent mirror, be sure to catch the lake for picturesque sunset shots. Bring along a few friends and don’t forget your Eno — because this trail in particular provides many hammock-worthy pines. Pack a speaker and a few granola bars to kick back with your favorite fall vibes for an afternoon away from the laptop. 

Get your climbing shoes on for the Belk Activity Center

Throw on a hoodie and get ready to face your fear of heights. Climb atop Belk’s web of ropes and enjoy the slide down while embracing your childhood in all its exam-free bliss. Stretch your legs away from the desktop and climb as high as your final grades. 

Explore the hidden gems of downtown Northport

Boasting an assortment of art galleries, five-and-dimes and quaint cafes, you’ll find a comforting taste of Alabama’s southern hospitality in Northport. Enjoy a bite of cobbler at City Café, refresh your desk with a bouquet of Sue’s Flowers, snag a sugary power-up from Mary’s Cakes and Pastries or simply stroll through the artistry of Northport’s plazas and art galleries. 

Escape into the University of Alabama Arboretum

For another outdoor escape, wander through Alabama’s array of arbors with a warm cup of cider in hand. For a dip into the warmth of summer, step into either of the two greenhouses adorned with blooming orchids and cacti. Either way, you’ll find a naturalistic haven away from the books for a much-needed study break.

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