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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Late night eats of Tuscaloosa: The essential list


If you’ve ever been out on the town late at night when pangs of hunger strike, you must be familiar with the struggle of finding a quality meal in the wee morning hours. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a handy list of all the restaurants that can soothe your grumbling stomach while the moon is still high in the sky. Feast your eyes on these convenient, tasty options. You’ll find some classics and possibly some options you’ve never before considered viable. 

Little Italy

Open Monday – Thursday, 11-2 a.m. and Friday – Saturday, 11- 3 a.m.

Nothing satisfies hunger like a warm, cheesy pizza. Little Italy provides both pizza and alcohol to late-night customers looking for refreshment. Due to its convenient location on the Strip, it’s a prime spot to grab some grub after an excursion to Rounders.

Mahalo Poke 

Open Fridays and Saturdays, 11-2 a.m.

New to the Strip, Mahalo Poke offers sushi bowls of all kinds at late hours. Customers can choose the ingredients for their bowl from a list of possibilities including tuna, shrimp and crab. The new poke trend is taking America by storm and is now available to famished students who find themselves wandering the Strip late at night.

Surin of Thailand

Open Thursday – Saturday, 10 p.m.-1 a.m. 

If you find yourself craving sushi and other Asian cuisine but unwilling to try a new-fangled poke bowl, just cross the street and walk over to Surin of Thailand for their famous Midnight Sushi. The midnight menu contains a variety of options ranging from California Rolls to chicken teriyaki with fried rice. They offer more substantial, balanced meals than most other options open at similar hours.

Quick Grill 

Open weekdays, 6 p.m.-3 a.m. 

A UA icon, the Quick Grill never disappoints those in search of late-night munchies. Quick Grill’s menu features the classic, gooey Messy Fries, falafel, burgers and just about any greasy, satisfying food you could ever desire. It, as the name suggests, has quick service which is perfect for anyone rendered grouchy, hungry or impatient in the middle of the night.


Open weekdays, 10:30-3 a.m. and Friday – Saturday, 10:30-4 a.m. 

If you are looking for something to please a sweet-tooth well after midnight, look no further. Cookout offers more than 40 flavors of milkshakes as well as salty foods best paired with large quantities of ice cream. Both their drive-thru and restaurant are open late at night.

Taco Bell

Drive-thru open every day, 7-5 a.m., but the restaurant closes at 10 p.m.

Unfortunately, Taco Bell’s doors shut at 10 p.m. But fear not, melt-in-your-mouth quesadillas and stuffed burritos are available until 5 in the morning via the drive-thru. Taco Bell is the place to be for all lovers of reasonably priced Mexican food. 

Waffle House 

24 hours, duh

Though Waffle House’s affordable breakfast menu and reliable hours have made it the ideal spot to eat at any point in the night, there are still some who have never walked through its never-locked doors. If you fall into this category but only have 5 dollars in your wallet and a hankering for some hash browns, Waffle House can give you what you seek. 

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