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Six snacks to keep in reach this semester


By Serena Bailey | Staff Writer

Long live snacking – that’s the motto many college students must live by. With busy schedules and projects constantly looming, it’s often easier to snack throughout the day rather than sit down to three larger meals. 

Sometimes you’re three hours deep in a project, hunger strikes and you just feel like you don’t have time to stop for a meal. Sometimes you’re just too lazy to cook or you get hungry and it seems too late at night for a full dinner. Whatever the case may be, it’s never a bad idea to have snacks in your college living space. So here’s six snacks to keep on hand in your dorm or apartment for when you need them. Start the semester off right and fill up your grocery cart with the good stuff. 

Trail Mix 

Any kind of trail mix is one of the easier snacks to have on hand. It’s got everything from salty peanuts to sweet candies and fruits. It’s easy to store, easy to carry and will satisfy your sweet or salty cravings. It’s also easy to make and personalize to your own tastes. Switch out candies for fruits, cashews for almonds or create a mixture of all of them. 


Popcorn is probably the easiest and cheapest snack to get your hands on. It’s more than a useful snack for watching movies, particularly if you’re looking for something salty. Two to three minutes of prep time and there it is – ready to eat. It’s not always filling, however, so it’s best for a quick on-the-go snack between meals.

Fruits and vegetables 

If you’re looking for something healthy and fresh, it’s always good to keep some fruits and vegetables around, like grapes, carrots, apples or cucumbers. Easy to serve and far better for you than cookies or potato chips, the only tricky task is keeping them fresh. Popcorn and trail mix and other snacks will last you for weeks or months, but fruit, not so much. Buying in small portions is key. 

Granola bites or bars

Granola bites and bars are also easy snacks to keep around, and you can even make them yourself. They’re good for when it’s 3 p.m. and you’re starving, but it’s not quite dinnertime, or as a quick breakfast for hard mornings. Filling and nutritious granola bars or bites are easy to grab in the morning or pack up for later in the day. 


Who doesn’t like muffins? They’re the healthier version of a cupcake and can basically be personalized to any taste. Banana nut, blueberry, chocolate or another favorite flavor, the smell of a freshly baked muffin is one of the best portable breakfasts. Muffins are great for an easy morning breakfast or a small afternoon snack. Easy to make or track down in any store, they’ll satisfy your sweet tooth with minimal guilt. 

Cheese and meats

If you’re looking for a snack that’s basically a small meal,  reach for slices of chicken, ham or turkey, or some sliced or cubed cheese. Pre-cut and paired cheeses and meats are also easy to find in stores. Tiny portions of cheese or meat are also easy to pair with tiny portions of other snacks to create a mini meal or please an indecisive tongue.

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