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Four ways to recycle in Tuscaloosa


Recycling is an everyday step to help the environment. However, recycling is a departure from typical behavior when it comes to throwing away trash or getting rid of unwanted waste. Luckily, local governments around the country provide specific programs for recycling. Here in Tuscaloosa, the city offers four different recycling options, differentiated by the specific needs they attend to. All of these programs are free and are put in place to improve Tuscaloosa’s environmental impact.

Curbside Recycling

This program is provided for residential garbage customers and is the most common of all the options for recycling in Tuscaloosa. A blue recycling bin is provided to residents in order for them to collect and store their recyclables. These bins are left outside along with residents’ other trash items, to be picked up by the proper services. These city-provided recycling bins can be replaced by calling Tuscaloosa 311, and you even have the option of attaining additional recycling bins as well.

Drop-Off Recycling

For those that do not use the recycling bins at their homes or their places of business, there is a drop-off option for getting rid of recyclable waste. All around Tuscaloosa County, there are drop-off recycling trailers that can be used for getting rid of recyclable waste. These trailers only act as recycling drop-off trailers, and cannot be used as dumpsters. The use of these trailers is free for anyone, and can be found in 16 locations around Tuscaloosa, including the Tuscaloosa Public Library on Jack Warner Parkway or at Tuscaloosa County High School.

Non-Residential Recycling Services

Similar to the curbside recycling service, the City of Tuscaloosa will extend services to non-residential garbage customers, such as business and nonprofits with active City of Tuscaloosa water and garbage accounts.

According to the City of Tuscaloosa website, “With this expansion, City nonresidential customers will be able to recycle the same plastics, metals and paper products accepted on residential routes and in drop-off trailers.”

These customers have access to 96-gallon recycling carts for no extra cost, and they can be returned to the city at any time if the customer no longer wishes to take part in this recycling program. To apply for this recycling program, fill out the application under the Non-Residential Recycling Services tab on the City of Tuscaloosa website.

Drop-Off Electronic Recycling

This is a unique program that is offered to all residents, government agencies, schools and businesses in Tuscaloosa and all of West Alabama. This plan is an opportunity to get rid of old, unused and/or broken electronics in a way that is not harmful for the environment. It is important to recycle electronics specifically because internal parts have different recycling plans. All these items must be dropped-off as there are no set pick-up options. Electronics like cell phones/chargers, laptops and microwaves are acceptable, while electronics like TVs, light bulbs and smoke detectors are not accepted.

According to the City of Tuscaloosa website, “Along with valuable materials, ‘e-waste’ also contains toxic and hazardous materials including mercury, lead, cadmium, beryllium, chromium and chemical flam retardant. These materials have the potential to leach into our soil and water and harm our local environment and health if not properly handled and recycled.”

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