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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Dance Alabama! presents spring concert


Students stretch their legs, lace up their ballet slippers and twist their hair into buns. Choreographers and dancers turn and skip, evoking love, loss, spirituality and sheer passion. They twirl across a hardwood stage after weeks of practice and continue to hydrate in preparation for the coming event. This is no ordinary show; this is Dance Alabama!

As an entirely student-choreographed organization, this semester’s Dance Alabama! will take the stage once more in presenting over 20 choreographic works. With new approaches, concepts and themes, the event aims to cover a multitude of genres and original productions.

“The combination of movement, gesture, costume, set design, music and lighting all work together to take the audience on an emotional journey,” said Lawrence Jackson, the faculty advisor for Dance Alabama! “Thoughts, ideas, images…the possibilities are endless. There are no rules.”

Both Jackson and many of the performers hope to not only put on an emotionally charged production, but in tandem, provide an opportunity for dancers to socialize and take part in numerous community outreach and service events.

“In addition to witnessing the immense amount of professional development the students ascertain through the choreographic process, for me, Dance Alabama! is also a chance for artists to appreciate the opportunity to serve the communities from which they reside,” Jackson said. “Dance Alabama! does an incredible amount of work beyond the stage, such as fundraisers and lecture demonstrations for rural primary and secondary schools throughout Alabama; it has provided an immense amount of exposure of the arts to communities who would have otherwise not been exposed to dance. I think this is by far the most noble aspect of the organization.”

Beginning with their first show tomorrow evening, Dance Alabama! hopes to bring an appreciation for the art of dance to the UA campus and community through the mind and body of UA students.

“What’s significant about the event is that it gives students a choreographic voice to express whatever is on their heart or mind,” said Alexia Acebo, a junior majoring in dance and psychology. She is also the treasurer of Dance Alabama! who choreographed one work and will perform in three. “It’s practical application for dance majors and an outlet for non-majors as well.”

Alongside student friends and colleagues, Acebo looks forward to sharing the stage with others who care for the art of dance just as much as she does. Many choreographers and dancers welcome all to attend the event or even get involved in the future.

“I love this organization with everything I have,” Acebo said. “I want people to come out and see the insane talent and sick moves we have right here in Tuscaloosa.”

Students of many majors will take part in this spring’s choreography and performances as both new and returning dancers take the stage.

“Even though I’m not a dance major I’m still extremely excited for the performances,” said Hannah Ellis, a sophomore majoring in early childhood education. “The arts truly apply to everyone throughout their lives, and if I have the opportunity to both experience and support the art of dance on campus, you bet I’m going to be there.”

Tickets can be purchased at the UA Theatre and Dance Box Office, Morgan Auditorium the evening of the concert or online at 

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