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UA Opera singers celebrate year with Broadway, pop and jazz performance

Jake Stevens

Tonight, UA opera singers will provide a rare evening filled with bursts of trumpet, dramatic arias and propelling recitatives. 

For one night, student and faculty artists will gather in one place to perform and celebrate the best of Broadway, pop and jazz. Within an intimately casual cabaret-styled set at Bryant-Jordan Hall, UA singers of the opera theatre will perform this evening at 7:30 p.m. alongside the UAOT jazz ensemble. The event will feature many of the University’s opera singers performing a series of Broadway and jazz solos and duets.

“This is our tenth year doing this and it is an extremely unique event,” said Paul Houghtaling, associate professor of voice and director of opera. “Accompanied by a jazz combo, we’ll have an incredibly wide variety of performances that will apply to all ages and musical tastes.”

Opera students were provided the opportunity to select their own songs. In doing so, it has opened a challenging yet exciting occasion as Broadway, pop, and jazz are not often seen within the walls of the opera theatre.

“It’s a chance for opera singers to showcase their versatility, spread their wings, and challenge themselves.” Houghtaling said.

The annual celebration welcomes all with free admission as the event provides one final evening for all graduating seniors to embrace the stage in unison.

“It’s kind of like a sendoff for many students graduating this year as well,” said performer Paul Wolf, a graduate student majoring in vocal performance with a master’s degree in music. “It’s a very special yet nostalgic look back at my time here with the people I’ve worked with.”

Participants like Wolf have enjoyed the opportunity to dive into Broadway, pop and jazz as they are not often presented within the opera. This “One Night Only” holds true to its title as students and professors take one evening each year to perform something a little outside of their usual realm.

“It’s nice to have an event where we choose the music we want to sing, and we get to sing it with great pianists and an amazing jazz combo alongside the people that have meant the most to us over the past few years,” Wolf said.

Many other students look forward to the entire evening of solos and duets as they take the stage alongside their UA opera family to both sing and listen.

“This is not what we normally do so I’m looking forward to hearing all of the other people perform something new and different,” said Andrew Livingston, a senior majoring in vocal performance who has put together a solo himself. “Among all the people I’ve come to know and care for over the past four years, this is the last opportunity I get to spend with them onstage.”

The evening will offer a casual cost-free event in celebration of this year’s graduates and opera singers. All are encouraged to arrive early as seats often fill quickly for an exciting evening of versatile opera performers and musicians.

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