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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Five newsletters (besides the Skimm) you should be getting in your inbox


With all the “fake news” and “alternative facts” swirling around out there on the ever-mind-boggling Internet, it can be a tricky game trying to sort through it all. It’s always good to follow your favorite reliable news sources on social media for when you want quick updates, but you might be missing out on perspectives and information. Turn on those push notifications on your phone, and you’ve got the gist of national and international news, but details are lacking. Thankfully, many news and lifestyle sites have email newsletters that will deliver right to your inbox. They act as a nifty filter so you can read more of the news you need and less of what you don’t. The Skimm is snappy, but these newsletters go deeper. Stop pawing through your newsfeed for news and check out one of these handy newsletters for any content you’re craving. 

If you like to eat:


After the demise of Gourmet magazine in 2009, the future of food journalism was uncertain. That was, until Vox Media brought onto the horizon. It’s easy to snack on food news with Eater. Their long-form food features are unrivaled, and their famous Walt Disney World guide will tempt even the grumpiest of adults into visiting the theme park. The site’s interactive food maps will also give you a local’s insight to food in cities all across the world. Check out all this delicious content in their daily email newsletter. You can sign up at

If you’re a UA student:

The Grit 

Run by a dedicated team of students here at the University, The Grit is your one-stop shop for everything happening on campus and around town. You’re probably already receiving this newsletter in your Crimson Mail inbox every Wednesday, and you should check it out for any and all intriguing events. The Grit also features weekly video Q&As with some of campus’ most familiar faces, as well as inspirational quotes, a calendar and social media shout-outs. You can tweet them at @thegritUA. 

If you are in a hurry:

Vox Sentences 

The tagline on this newsletter from is “The News, But Shorter.” It’s a bite-sized look at the daily news of the nation and world. Vox’s own mission is to help readers “Understand the News,” and their newsletter Vox Sentences does the same. Each story in Vox Sentences is a hodgepodge of sentences from other newspapers and sites, stacking them up by relevance and chronology. In one story alone you could find bullets from BuzzFeed, The Washington Post and Vox. You can sign up for Vox Sentences at

If you want to challenge your viewpoint:

New York Times Opinions

The Opinions section of the New York Times is as vibrant and diverse as our country itself. Not only have they offered every possible view on President Trump (there’s a Trump piece almost every day) and the climate of the U.S., the Opinions section also gives insightful looks at college life, relationships, art, film and food. The recent piece “You May Want to Marry My Husband” by Amy Rosenthal, who has since passed away, tugged at the heartstrings of readers of genders, races and political views. Throw out everything you think you know about NYT and subscribe. If you’re not already an NYT subscriber, there may be a charge, but it’s worth it. Go to for information. 

If you want everything in one place: 

The Week

The Week, a political magazine and website, has an inbox newsletter to crush them all. “10 things you need to know today” is the quickest of lists, chock-full of everything you need to know for the day. In five minutes’ time, you’re all set to go – from politics to international conflicts to United Airlines’ recent snafoo, they’ll tell you everything everyone is talking about. The newsletter is free and will hit your inbox every morning. Head to to subscribe. 

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