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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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One Last Time: A look back at 2015-16 in stories


It’s been a long year. We’ve seen a lot of trends over the last year (remember hoverboards?) with a couple national championships (or a 16th). Here’s a month-by-month look at some of our favorite stories:


25 African American women among 2,261 who received bids in 2015 rush

The University of Alabama’s new sorority recruitment tradition of being the largest in the nation continued this year for the sixth time in a row.

Alpha Phi chapter removes recruitment video after national criticism

The University of Alabama’s Alpha Phi chapter deleted a recruitment video posted to YouTube after criticism that it objectifies women and is “racially and aesthetically homogenous.”

Alabama Shakes concert

In spite the constant threat of rain and lightning delays early in the show, rock band Alabama Shakes showed Tuscaloosa they meant business.

Chancellor Witt to retire in August 2016

University of Alabama System Chancellor Robert Witt announced his intention to retire next year, The Crimson White learned.

Former Alabama football player Eryk Anders wins pro MMA debut

After a successful amateur career, former Alabama football player Eryk Anders made his pro debut in mixed martial arts with a TKO victory 40 seconds into the first round against Joshua Raspberry at the Belk Activity Center in Tuscaloosa on Saturday night.

Letter from the Editor: Introducing The Crimson White Media Group

For over 120 years, The Crimson White has been the student newspaper of The University of Alabama.


Dixieland Delight

On Sept. 10, the University of Alabama Student Government Association Senate held a meeting to debate whether they should support the song “Dixieland Delight” playing in Bryant-Denny Stadium. Upon hearing about the event, Jeff Rogers wrote to our page in opposition of the song’s playing. SGA Senator Patrick Fitzgerald, accepted our invitation to respond.

Five University students arrested due to an investigation of hazing allegations

Five University of Alabama students were arrested due to an investigation of hazing allegations involving Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, according to a statement by Chris Bryant, assistant director of media relations at the University.

Alabama’s turnover woes return in 43-37 loss to Ole Miss (Don’t worry it all ends up OK)

At first, the crowd was loud, the stadium shaking. After the opening kickoff and subsequent fumble by Alabama, the crowd quieted.

The trend continued throughout the night as No. 2 Alabama toyed with a comeback several times against No. 15 Ole Miss on Saturday night. After an interception with 2:36 left, the crowd quieted again, Alabama’s fate all but sealed. 

SGA releases “It’s on Us” video

Bill Nye the Science Guy came to the University and spoke

Nick Saban acts as a closer for other sports’ recruits

Somehow — between the demands of fall camp and football season, the demands of his position, perhaps the most demanding in the state — Nick Saban has time. Time to help, time to work with other coaches in other sports, time to recruit. Somehow, there is time.


Rage against the Machine

That’s the crux of the Machine’s power. That’s the way it maintains its influence in the SGA’s Senate: through innuendo, veiled threats and the looming menace of social exclusion to members of the greek system.

Light ’em up: Skill players step up in Alabama’s victory over Tennessee

Jake Coker was waiting on the play clock.

Tennessee had taken just over a minute to drive the length of the field and take a one point fourth quarter lead. The Alabama offense didn’t have much to say when they walked out on the field with less than six minutes left in the game.

The Real Thing: There’s more to Jake Coker than what happens on the football field

At 4 years old, all Jake Coker wanted to be was a country star.

More than aware

The month of October brings with it many things. Trees in differing shades of red and gold, front porches lined with jack-o-lanterns and spider webs and awareness to an affair that affects thousands of women in the world each and every day: breast cancer. Since 1985, October has officially been named National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The Gender Gap: Students weigh in on being the minority in stereotypically single-gendered majors at UA

You walk into a classroom, students surrounding you on all sides, but something feels slightly off – you are one, if not the only person, of your gender in attendance.

Sweet Home Alabama

Richard Mullaney has found his home.

The day after his graduation party, he shoved as much as he could into two duffel bags, hopped on a plane and found himself in Alabama with no idea what to do.


Video emerges showing taser used by Tuscaloosa Police on UA student

Five in a Reaux: Henry runs over LSU

A bad taste filled Derrick Henry’s mouth. He started pounding his helmet as he paced on the Alabama sideline. Henry was well on his way to what was arguably the best game of his career.

We Are Done demands equality on campus

A group calling itself “We Are Done,” which, according to its Facebook page, is a coalition of students and faculty concerned about racism and discrimination on campus, has released three demands of the University via its Facebook page as of 12:20 p.m. today.

Welcome to Atlanta: Alabama downs Auburn 29-13 in Iron Bowl

Adam Griffith couldn’t see over his line when he prepped for a 50-yard field goal with less than 30 seconds left in the first half. He couldn’t see the Auburn return man, ready to try to recreate the 2013 Iron Bowl ending.

Revving up to celebrate the veterans of Vietnam

Go home. Take your uniform off. Try to blend in. Vietnam Veteran Don Colvard’s description of life as a veteran in the Vietnam era is concise, yet very telling.

One hand Dan, the blues man: local musician opens up about life

The twang and gravel of his bluesy beat caused heads to bob and feet to tap. A man with a frosted beard and a derby hat stood leaning against a splintered post, his cane hitting the brick with timed precision.


Back-to-back: Alabama claims 2nd straight SEC title, Playoff berth

Derrick Henry got any last minute resume fillers for his Heisman campaign he needed with 189 yards rushing in No. 2 Alabama’s 29-15 win over No. 18 Florida in the SEC Championship Game. He carried the ball 44 times and only lost six yards.

Derrick Henry wins the Heisman and Twitter reacts

Resolution: Crimson Tide ends 2015 with dominant playoff win

The dry erase board in the Alabama locker room had four times listed on the dry erase board. Three were for warmups. The fourth had kickoff for the Crimson Tide against Michigan State in the Cotton Bowl and College Football Playoff semifinal.

Scott Cochran to remain at University of Alabama

After weeks of speculations surrounding Kirby Smart’s departure to become UGA’s head coach, UA Athletics announced today that fan-favorite Scott Cochran will remain at the University of Alabama as head strength and conditioning coach.


“Alabama does:” Crimson Tide brings home 16th championship

At some point, the confetti will be cleared from the field and the cigar smoke scrubbed from the locker room. For now, the confetti litters University of Phoenix Stadium and the cigar smoke pervades the visiting locker room.

Students voice concerns over 348-RIDE treatment of customers

Students rely on 348-RIDE to get them home safely from late night library runs, nights out with friends or fraternity row.

UA issues ban on hoverboards

Norris scored career-high 27 points and Alabama beats No. 19 South Carolina

Riley Norris hadn’t started a game all season, but coach Avery Johnson decided he would join the starting lineup when unbeaten No. 19 South Carolina came to town.

Delivery boys: A Look into who delivers the paper

In the dead of night, with nothing but the dull glow of street lamps for warmth, a little silver pick-up truck idles, its driver hurrying to drop off a bundle of newspapers.

University students create short films for Campus Movie Fest

Aspiring auteurs and movie fans will gather in the Ferguson Center Theater on Thursday night, for the finale of the Campus Movie Festival.


Behind Closed Doors

It was the first day of class, her first year at college.

The scars remind me: Living with long-term mental illness

In the crowded Ferguson Center, she sits staring at notes saved to her phone she can only vaguely recall writing.

It’s over: Alabama gymnastics falls to Auburn, Streak ends at 117

It took more than 36 years, but it finally happened. 

When the past meets the present: UA student’s graduation photo goes viral

She stands behind the President’s Mansion, her dark grey University of Alabama robes draped around her, with her head bowed to the ground, eyes shut, and her right arm raised in a fist pointed toward the sky.

My Olivetti will be buried with me: Remembering Harper Lee

Nelle Harper Lee sits at the podium in front of a crowd of 200 people.

The University opened an Intercultural Diversity Center 

The Intercultural Diversity Center, located in the Riverside Annex, is now available to UA students.


Lillian Roth won SGA President as a sophomore

Chants of “Lill Will” filled the living room of Chi Omega Tuesday night after Lillian Roth, a sophomore majoring in political science and public relations, found out she won the SGA presidential election, taking in 53.87% of the 13,751 votes cast.

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley allegedly cheated with his senior advisor

Made for this: Obasohan sets new career highs in final season

On March 15, 2015, Alabama announced the former men’s basketball coach, Anthony Grant, would not return for another season. When Retin Obasohan heard the news, he was faced with a decision.

The CW tackled the issue of body image

Hawks fly together: Softball family supports each other on and off field

Andrea Hawkins has two families. They don’t often intersect, and when they do, it’s in the spring during softball season.

In October, when Hawkins was with her family in Bay City, Texas, after her father passed away, her softball family surprised her by showing up where she needed 
them most.

The University addresses suicide awareness through video


A little bird told me: Yellowhammer Festival to showcase music and art

Making a splash: Relay win paces men’s swimming to best finish since 1983

On March 26, Alabama’s swimming and diving made history when the men’s team finished in sixth place at the NCAA Championships, its highest finish since 1983. The moment was met with overwhelming joy and pride, but those familiar with the program knew this accomplishment didn’t happen overnight.

Alabama gymnastics takes first at regionals, advances to championships

Despite facing a fall on the balance beam and on the floor exercise, the University of Alabama gymnastics team claimed first place with a score of 197.125 at the NCAA Tuscaloosa Gymnastics Regionals on Saturday, advancing the Crimson Tide to the NCAA Championships.

Alpha Apartments not on top

Joshua Collins, a sophomore double major in computer science and math, has had numerous issues with his apartment, and many residents at Alpha Alabama Apartments in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, express similar concerns. Some question why a brand new apartment complex, which opened less than a year ago, has so many problems.

Students talk being LGBTQ in the greek system

Justin Thompson, a recent graduate, pledged Alpha Delta Phi his sophomore year of college for the same reason most men do. He wanted to make friends, party and network to help with his career later in life. After making it through his first year of college, he soon began to realize that he could no longer suppress a side of himself that he had pushed to the back of his mind for his entire life.

The University announces updated policies for Right Field inside Sewell-Thomas Stadium

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