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Campus gallery shows student photos


When students come back from summer vacation, often their experiences are variations of the same stories about going to the beach or summer jobs and internships. However, Lizzie Beale, a sophomore majoring in Spanish and interdisciplinary studies, has a different story to tell.

Beginning today, University of Alabama’s New Gallery will be showing photographs from Beale’s summer project, called “Strangers.”

“The exhibit is a compilation of my summer endeavors,” Beale said.

Throughout the past summer, Beale traveled throughout the Northeast working on farms, usually in two-week intervals, in exchange for meals and a bed.

“I was amazed at the generosity I encountered along the way,” she said.

Beale said she uses the photos to show the people she got to know throughout her summer.

“They tell a story of the strangers I met along the way,” she said. “[These are] people who treated me as if I were a long lost friend and whom I will probably never see again. The photos tell about the intrinsic benevolence of people.”

The local food movement and sustainable agriculture drove Beale’s journey, which took her as far north as Canada and introduced her to a range of lifestyles and ways of living off the land.

Beale kept up a blog throughout the summer as part of her project. The blog included pictures, stories and updates on her travels, as well as her multiple projects. Many of the farms Beale worked on during the summer are shown, as is the progress she initiated or witnessed.

“I’m just excited to share these stories with people and inspire people to travel more,” Beale said.

Through her adventures, Beale said she wants to remind students that “traveling doesn’t require a lot of money or connections or even a plan. Being adventurous and willing to make friends everywhere you go pays off.”

The photos will be shown in New Gallery in 216 Lloyd Hall until Oct. 15. The gallery is free of charge.

Joe Parmer, a senior in New College, is one of the co-curators of New Gallery, along with Alex Campisi.

“[New Gallery is] art and community space run by New College, which aims to showcase the creative diversity of the New College student body,” Parmer said.

Those involved with the gallery have added six non-visual art events this year, including readings and music performances. Beale’s photographs will be the first show for the 2010-2011 New Gallery.

Parmer said the reason they selected Beale’s work for the new exhibit was her ambition.

“Her photos, which were taken during her recent food and farm independent study, perfectly encompass the interdisciplinary model,” Parmer said.

Anyone interested can visit the New Gallery web page at or the New Gallery Facebook page.

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