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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Independent musicans perform at Bama Theatre

A variety of folk and country music will reverberate off the walls of the Greensboro Room at the Bama Theatre Wednesday as Bible Study, Don Gallardo and Stuart Bond headline Acoustic Night.

David Allgood, manager of Bama Theatre, said Acoustic Night has been around for eight years and is meant to support up-and-coming performers.

“It’s a chance for singer-songwriters and independent bands to present their music in a smoke-free listening room, rather than a bar where no one is paying attention to them,” Allgood said. “It’s for original music.”

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Past Acoustic Nights have featured performers from cities like New York; Nashville, Tenn.; and Austin, Texas. The events have even had international performers from Sweden and the Netherlands.

“These aren’t people with giant record labels,” Allgood said. “But they are up-and-coming independent musicians who are touring.”

The performers for this Acoustic Night will be Don Gallardo, Stuart Bond and local band Bible Study.

Bible Study, together since 2011, consists of three members: Tim Higgins, Kori Hensell and Emily Dozier-Ezell. Higgins said the trio has a great variety of sound and instruments that play off of each other.

“We all sing our own songs, and we add to each other,” Higgins said. “Kori plays trumpet and cornet. Emily plays violin, mandolin and banjo. I play guitar and harmonica.”

Wednesday’s performance will serve as a preview for the band’s upcoming album “Guilt Trip,” which will be released in May. Higgins said he and his bandmates describe their sound as “deluded folk music.”

“It’s kind of out there,” Higgins said. “Emily is more poppy, I’m more rock, and Kori is definitely more of a poetic sideshow.”

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Although Bible Study has performed for several different events and venues, Higgins said the Bama Theatre offers something different.

“We like the Bama Theatre and the Greensboro Room because we get such a different crowd than we would at a bar,” Higgins said. “It’s an earlier show, so we get people who typically wouldn’t have heard of us before.”

Acoustic Night not only differs from other music venues with its diverse audience, but also with its environment. Allgood said he believes the appeal of Acoustic Night is the difference in ambiance between the Greensboro Room and a bar downtown.

“Both the audience and the musicians really love it,” Allgood said. “If people are looking to go out and drink and have a good time, there’s nothing wrong with that. But this is not the venue for it.”

Higgins said Acoustic Night is great for Bible Study because the music can be enjoyed by all different types of people.

“I think it’s because it’s such a varied sound. We might go from a country western song to a folk pop song,” Higgins said. “It’s hard to get bored with it when we have so many different voices coming with different sounds.”

Acoustic Night is Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $5 each. For more information about Acoustic Night, visit For more information about Bible Study, visit

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