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Object X 1st installment to analyze perspectives, water

Students will be gathering with Creative Campus members to analyze multiple perspectives of a single object with the first installment of Object X. The idea of the event is to talk about the many ideas and perspectives represented by a simple object – water. Object X will be held in the Allen Bales Theater on Tuesday, Sept. 3, at 7 p.m.

Joey Weed, a Creative Campus intern and one of the leaders for Object X, said the event is structured to bring the campus together.

“For Object X, [Creative Campus] like[s] to do things that we always have in plain sight, but we really take for granted sometimes,” Weed said. “We knew for water there is a very analytical, technical side to it. But there are also so many metaphors and just a whole different context of water. So there are many different things and perspectives that we could bring together.”

Katie Howard, a Creative Campus intern, said she believes the event will bring awareness to the uncommon uses of water.

“We really take water for granted, and I think this event will really show how differently it is involved in our lives,” Howard, a junior majoring in public relations and French, said. “Not just for making us run biologically, but a lot of different things.”

Object X will have ideas and opinions from professors and students from all over campus, including an English professor and two students in different religious organizations.

Howard said students can expect to hear interesting ideas about the subject.

“They can expect some very, very cool perspectives,” said Howard. “They can expect their opinions to change about a lot of different things. They can broaden their concept of just one single object.”

Andrew Davis, a sophomore majoring in biology, said he believes Object X will gives students an opportunity to think outside of what they are taught in the classroom.

“As a science student, the first thing I think about with water is the molecule – its polarity, its scientific properties,” Davis said. “It would be refreshing to not think about water scientifically. It’d be interesting to see how a theater student considers water.”

Weed said he hopes students will leave the event with a new perspective on what seems like a simple object.

“I think that one: they’ll have a better understanding of different departments on campus and maybe be interested in taking different classes,” Weed said. “And two: that they just walk away with a different appreciation and a different perspective for something that’s so ubiquitous everywhere.”

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