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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

The Crimson White

Show choir to perform one-night-only show Tuesday

The University of Alabama Resonance Show Choir, a performance-based music ensemble, will perform its spring show at the Bama Theatre Tuesday night at 7:30 p.m.

“Resonance Hell Week,” as referred to by some performers, is the week before their larger-than-life concert at the Bama Theatre.

But the grueling four-hour rehearsals, aches and pains are worth it to the members when it comes to that final moment when the spot light hits the stage.

“The crowd can expect to see a nonstop, high-energy show from start to finish performed by students from all majors and backgrounds,” Gavin Dover, a junior majoring in choral music education, said. “This show is a roller coaster of emotions with huge dance breaks, flashing lights and pretty costumes.”

Dover opens the show with the “Live in Living Color” from the musical “Catch Me if You Can.”

“I’m more anxious than nervous,” Dover said. “I’m extremely excited that I get to open the entire show. I’m just so ready to perform in front of an audience. It makes everything so much different.”

New to the show choir this year are Steven Vuong, a freshman and Alexandria Thomas, a freshman majoring in anthropology. Vuong said it’s tiring with three practices a week and a full course load.

“It is very difficult, but it has taught me to manage my time and this allowed me to do what I love and relieve stress,” Vuong said.

Many of the performers can be seen doing their homework before and after rehearsals.

The ensemble boasts signature crimson dresses the girls decorated with a pearl lined Alabama script “A” and the men wear crisp tuxes with red ties.

“I was so excited,” Thomas said. “It is our signature outfit and I felt honored to be wearing the dress. The red shoes got better with time. The purple are pretty painful, but it will get better.”

Although the rehearsals can be stressful, Dover said the the amount of time the group spends together allows them to bond.

“The group has really had its ups and downs,” Dover said. “With people graduating and leaving constantly, the group dynamic is always changing. It takes a couple of weeks for everyone to get comfortable and begin to trust each other, but once we do, there is a great amount of respect for each other.”

The show choir began preparing for the show as soon as soon as students returned back from Thanksgiving break.

“Preparation for this show started all the way back in November,” Dover said. “As soon as we finished our fall show last year, our director, Garrett Lindsey, was already hard at work picking out the music for this semester. The choir came back from Christmas break and started learning music. We only have three months to learn choreography and music to nine songs, which is a lot.”

The audience can expect to hear a variety of music from country to Top 40 hits at this year’s spring show.

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