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Local bands compete to perform alongside B.o.B. in SGA’s Battle of the Bands


The stakes are high for four local bands who will compete in Tuesday night’s Battle of the Bands put on by the Student Government Association. The winner will get to perform as the opening act for B.o.B.

Electric Moon, a local band participating in SGA’s Battle of the Bands, is headed up by Jake Gordin, a member of the Alabama National Guard majoring in political science.

“I like to write a lot of narratives about characters to tell stories,” Gordin said. “I feel like with music and not just lyrics you can expose people to a lot more emotion than just words. There is no better feeling than positively influencing someone to be happy through music.”

Since its conception in fall 2010, Electric Moon has performed in bars all over Tuscaloosa and Mobile as well as DCAF last Spring. The band is excited to perform at the Jupiter for the first time as well as in front of a new group of people.

“We are ecstatic, especially to be able to share the stage with other excellent bands,” Gordin said. “I know a lot of the guys from Kadesh and the Perfect Strangers just from playing around. They are all great folks.”

Ryan Davis, aka Kadesh from Kadesh and the Perfect Strangers, began his music career by rapping and playing the trombone at age 11. As an undergraduate student, Davis began to play with a few members of the jazz ensemble on campus, and eventually Kadesh and the Perfect Strangers was formed.

Now working toward an MBA in business analytics, Davis continues his online presence of KadeshFlow as well as keeping up with his “rap/funk/jazz” band.

“There are a circle of musicians in this city, and we all play in each other’s band as subs,” Davis said. “If they want a horn I’ll play. There are guys that would play as stand-ins that are in the band now. I’ve actually played with CBDB some.”

CBDB, a successful local band, was originally going to perform before B.o.B, but due to time conflicts will have to compete for the opening slot alongside the rest of the bands. Lead singer and guitarist Cy Cinonton says the band is “stoked” to be playing at the Jupiter and possibly the Amphitheater this week.

“There’s so much talent in Tuscaloosa,” Cinonton said. “It’s the crowd that scares the musicians. There’s a ton of guys that have cool original stuff that end up having to play ‘Wagon Wheel.’”

CBDB has never played a venue as large as the Amphitheater. Although their name does not actually stand for anything, they have created a substantial fan base here in Tuscaloosa.

“[Performing] couldn’t be more fun,” Cinonton said. “We never ever work, all of us are friends, and we get to hang out and have fun making music and get paid for it.”

Tuscaloosa natives Doctors and Lawyers are also all about the joys of making music. Evan Brooks, lead singer and rhythm guitarist, says the band met through their random freshman dorm placement and grew as a band because of their “collective musical vision.”

“We’re also excited to hear the other bands we will be competing against,” Brooks said.

“Tuscaloosa is a great place for music and great musicians live here. We never pass up a chance to meet our musical peers and we wish the best of luck to them.”

Kadesh and the Perfect Strangers, Electric Moon, Doctors and Lawyers as well as Mother Funk will all perform tonight at 9 p.m. at the Jupiter.

“Everyone should come out to support local music and a local business, to hear talented students competing with each other and to support RAGE,” Brooks said.


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