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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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The culture desk’s favorite study spots

CW / Natalie Teat
Students outside of Gorgas Library on a sunny afternoon.

As the semester draws to an end and students anxiously await summer break, dead week and final exams are inevitable. Whether it’s cramming for a cumulative test, practicing for an end-of-year presentation or adding final touches to a project, students will be putting in countless hours of studying and hard work before the semester is over. 

Although this season is stressful for most, the culture desk writers and editors have curated a list of our favorite places to study on campus for students in need of a change of scenery come finals week. From classic spaces like Gorgas Library or less popular ones such as the University’s Arboretum, this list gives students new spots to explore as they prepare for finals. 

Rodgers Library

Located near Shelby Hall and the Shelby Engineering and Science Quad, Rodgers Library is the first departmental library built at the University and serves students in the engineering and nursing colleges as well as the science departments in the College of Arts and Sciences. However, students from any field of study can take advantage of this library and enjoy this study space.

I like studying on the second floor of Rodgers at night. Typically, the later I go, the less crowded it is, although with finals coming up it’s important to book study rooms early.

Ava Morthland, staff writer

Steps of Gorgas

Gorgas Library is the main campus library and a central hub where students can often be found studying. However, when the weather is especially nice, some students enjoy sitting outside on the Gorgas steps.

I like to study on the steps of Gorgas especially on days that it’s sunny with a slight breeze. I feel it’s a healthy habit because it gives me my daily dose of vitamin D, but I enjoy taking an occasional break to watch the people pass by on the Quad.

— Brandon Smith, race and identity reporter

Monarch Espresso Bar

Monarch is a popular coffee bar located in downtown Tuscaloosa that was founded by University alumni. Monarch’s website states that it embraces everybody and gives people a space to get out of the house, grab coffee with a friend, or just sit and read a book. 

Monarch is a little further off campus, but the environment is perfect for grinding and getting a lot of work done. They’re always playing good music like the Lumineers and Noah Kahan, and the baristas are super friendly. They don’t use Bama Cash, but I love to get their bagels, because you can add eggs and cheese on them and they are unlike any other.  

— Gabriella Puccio-Johnson, assistant culture editor

Strange Brew Coffeehouse

Strange Brew Coffeehouse is a newer coffee shop near campus that specializes in creating lattes with original flavors and also offers baked goods. With a prime location on the Tuscaloosa Strip and long business hours, Strange Brew is easy for students to access any time of day. 

Strange Brew is my favorite place around campus, because not only are the treats good, but they offer a lot of unique and seasonal coffee flavors that can be purchased with Bama Cash. Also, I really enjoy the decor, and that it’s open late at night, but best of all I love the outdoor seating area. It’s super close to campus, so I like to ride my scooter there after class and sit outside.

— Gabriella Puccio-Johnson, assistant culture editor

Bruno Library

Bruno Library caters to students majoring in business at the University but is also a space that anyone on campus can enjoy. Located within the Culverhouse College of Business complex, this library has ample study space equipped with computer access, printers and study rooms. 

I love going to Bruno, because there are multiple floors, lots of desks where students can sit and study, and it’s usually pretty quiet. When Gorgas is completely filled, I like to check out Bruno, because I can usually find a good spot there.

— Savannah Ichikawa, culture editor

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