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Movie and TV show recommendations for Black History Month

Movie and TV show recommendations for Black History Month
Courtesy of Fox Networks and Disney-ABC

During Black History Month, it is important to appreciate the Black voices in cinema. Here are four movies and TV shows made during or after the year 2015 that recognize the value of diversity through the screen. 

 “I’m A Virgo” (2023) 

“I’m A Virgo” is a seven-episode TV show, directed by Boots Riley, that shares the coming of age of Cootie, a 13-foot man. Reviews say this show is weird and chaotic; however, the unique story line alludes to a deeper meaning of dealing with the uncomfortable while proving a laugh.  

No one makes social satires like Boots Riley … potent, probing, playful and piercing — a wild and wonderful series that has everything on its mind, too, and is determined to be unlike anything else that’s streaming,” a reviewer wrote for Concrete Playground.  

“I’m A Virgo” has not been renewed for a second season yet.  

“Get Out” (2017) 

“Get Out” is horror mystery film written and direct by Jordan Peele that is unsettling and clever. From the opening scene to the very last clip, views are met with an integrated mix of comedy and suspension. Chris, a Black man, goes to meet his white girlfriend’s family for the first time, but is faced with creepy challenges.  

“The acting is wonderful, and directing is amazing. The film, while mostly horror, is actually completely hilarious in some parts, making it the funniest AND scariest movie I have seen in ages,” one reviewer wrote on IMDb.  

“Abbott Elementary” (2021-present) 

“Abbott Elementary” is a fictional reality TV series created by Quinta Brunson that follows the daily lives of teachers and students at an elementary school in Philadelphia. The hilarious storylines and dedicated educators make for an innovative and meaningful show.  

“Abbott Elementary” has won three Golden Globe awards and four Primetime Emmy Awards.  One reviewer wrote, “As a teacher…. This show is a little too real for me, in the BEST ways. It is funny, honest, and truly enjoyable. The acting is fantastic,” on IMDb.  

The show is still running, and its third season just premiered on Feb. 7. 

“Atlanta” (2016-2022) 

“Atlanta” is a drama-comedy series starring the creator of the show, Donald Glover. Within the four seasons, Alfred, played by Glover, is an aspiring rapper being managed by his cousin. The audience sees how Alfred and his cousin handle the Atlanta rap scene.  

“Atlanta” has a 98% score on Rotten Tomatoes. One reviewer in The Ringer wrote, “Atlanta always gave us something to puzzle over, and that was a great gift. Even the most supposedly digressive episodes struck upon some lingering nuance,” about the final season.  

“Dope” (2015) 

“Dope” is an R-rated comedy-adventure movie written and directed by Rick Famuyiwa. Main character Malcolm, portrayed as a geek, has his life change after receiving an invitation to an underground party that leads him and his friends on an adventure in Los Angeles.  

Charming, cool as hell and with a killer soundtrack. Dope is a fresh take at your typical teen comedy movie and features a standout performance from Shameik Moore,” one reviewer wrote on Rotten Tomatoes.  

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