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SGA President Collier Dobbs recognizes successes in State of the School address

CW | Hayden Hutchison
SGA President Collier Dobbs delivering his State of the School Address on Jan. 30, 2024, in the UA Student Center Ballroom.

SGA President Collier Dobbs gave his State of the School address Tuesday evening, highlighting the organization’s commitment to creating meaningful programming, legislation and initiatives while remaining faithful to campaign promises. 

Dobbs’ address was the second held since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Dobbs said that when he first stepped into office less than a year ago, he wrote down five key pillars that would enhance student experience.  

“Our work has been guided by collaboration, outreach, unity, networking and transparency. Together, we have made great strides for our student body, continue to build upon the strong foundation set before us, and have embodied our mission of students serving students,” Dobbs said.  


The SGA has publicly made block seating one of its top priorities. 

During the 2023 football season, Vice President for Student Affairs Andrew Fairburn and The Source’s Board of Governors successfully collaborated with UA Athletics to allow every mySource-registered organization to apply for block seating. The SGA did not receive any appeals.  

To further expand upon the connection between UA Athletics and campus culture, the SGA has also partnered with the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. 

“Organizations can now request student-athletes to volunteer at events to increase engagement,’ Dobbs said.  

Further collaborative efforts consist of Saving the Tide, a cleanup and recycling initiative that occurs after game day, and the self-defense series with the UA Police Department, which allows students to take up to three classes per school year to learn about skills to protect themselves.  


This school year, the 112th administration encouraged students to get involved in organizations around campus, particularly with the SGA. With the revitalization of committees, more than 600 students applied to be members of branches such as engagement; diversity, equity and inclusion; and student affairs.  

Additionally, through the work of deputy press secretary Reagan Wells, the SGA has partnered with the Tuscaloosa Public Defender’s Office to establish an ongoing clothing drive to benefit defendants who do not have access to proper attire for court appearances.  

“Members of the Executive Council have also networked with several other student governments throughout the SEC to learn from each other about ways to improve our operations that can best serve our campus communities,” Dobbs said.  


In 2023, the SGA registered 2,745 students for the DEI Passport Program, which furthered its commitment to establishing a sense of belonging across campus. 

The SGA also held many fundraising events, such as the second annual Battle of the Bands competition held for the Joe Espy Needs Based Scholarship. Dobbs noted the Financial Affairs Committee’s allocation of $150,377 for various student organizations. 

Other unification efforts consisted of participation in Invisible Disabilities Awareness Week and advocacy for mannequin representing an assortment of diverse skin tones and body types in the Supe Store. 


The University made history this year by hosting the first-ever presidential primary debate in Alabama. The Republican National Committee granted the SGA the responsibility to allocate 50 student tickets for leaders around campus. 

“This incredible opportunity allowed students to engage with natural politics increased engagement and positively represented the student body at this large-scale event,” Dobbs said.  

Furthermore, the SGA collaborated with the UA Career Center to host a Student Job Fair and created the Crimson Character Citizens Program, a guide that showcases students’ civic responsibility to the city of Tuscaloosa.  


This past fall, the SGA generated its first campuswide newsletter, which sought to inform students about how the organization planned to enrich student experience. 

Additional transparency efforts consist of clarification from both Financial Affairs Committee and block seating, the newly established advisory board consisting of students from each academic college, and the restoration of the SGA’s directory. 

What’s next? 

While Dobbs outlined the list of accomplishments achieved by the 112th Administration this year, he said that the SGA’s work is not over yet. 

Before the next election, Dobbs and his team plan to partner with the City of Tuscaloosa Ambassador Program. He also plans to provide students with more upfront information about textbook costs, letting them know how much the books for a course cost before enrolling, as well as establish a fundraising initiative that will allow students to name a squirrel on the Quad. 

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