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Culture Pick: Songs to listen to on the way to class

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Summer has officially ended. With school back in full swing, students at the University are adjusting to new professors and navigating busy schedules. While this season can be chaotic and full of change, listening to music is a fantastic way to stay motivated during that walk to class or de-stress at the end of the day.  

Because the transition from summer to the fall semester can be overwhelming, The Crimson White’s culture desk has put together a list of current favorite songs they’ve had on repeat. Whether you’re driving down University Boulevard, studying at Gorgas Library or hanging out on the Quad, these songs are great options to add to any playlist.  

‘A Long Walk,’ by Jill Scott 

From Scott’s album “Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds, Vol. 1,”, released in 2000, the song “A Long Walk” has a chill and laid-back vibe. 

“This song is very calm and melodic, almost soothing. It gives me a sense of calmness, which is good considering how hectic college is,” contributing writer Angel Scales said. 

‘Back on 74,’ by Jungle 

Contributing writer Brandon Smith said he found “Back on 74,” from Jungle’s latest album, “Volcano,” on TikTok. 

“It is just such an upbeat song that you can dance to, it’s a song returning back to a place that brings you full circle in your adventure of life, and that’s what the UA campus is for me — for the next three years this is my new home that I will return to,” Smith said.  

‘West Coast,’ by Lana Del Rey 

“West Coast,” is the fifth track on Lana Del Rey’s 2014 album “Ultraviolence.” 

“I’ve always loved Lana Del Rey, and I can relate with the lyrics in this song, so that’s why it sticks out to me the most,” Ava Morthland, a contributing writer, said. “It’s also just a really catchy song!” 

‘Meet Me at Our Spot,’ by THE ANXIETY, WILLOW and Tyler Cole 

This song from THE ANXIETY’s 2020 album is fun and upbeat.  

“The reason that I enjoy ‘Meet Me at Our Spot’ is because the beat makes me feel like the main character. It’s a happy, relaxing song that can be listened to while studying, on a road trip with friends, when you’re trying to relax, and more,” Zara Morgan, a contributing writer, said. “It makes me feel like I’m in the middle of my getting-ready montage.” 

‘Praise,’ by Elevation Worship, Brandon Lake, Chris Brown and Chandler Moore 

This is a song by a Christian worship singer on Elevation Worship’s album, “Can You Imagine?” 

“It’s just got the super amped-up and exciting vibe of modern worship while also having profound lyrics,” Luke McClinton, a staff reporter, said. 

‘Honeymoon Avenue,’ by Ariana Grande 

This song is from Grande’s 2013 debut album, “Yours Truly.” Anna Hill, a contributing writer, said she has always loved this song and has been listening to it because Grande recently re-recorded it. 

“She rerecorded her debut album for its 10th anniversary, and it has always been one of my favorites for any time of the year,” Hill said.  

‘Dial Drunk,’ by Noah Kahan and Post Malone  

This song from Kahan’s album “Stick Season” was released this past summer and is contributing writer Gabriella Puccio-Johnson’s recent favorite.   

“I love this song because Noah Kahan has also been nicknamed ‘Folk Malone’ by his fans,” Puccio-Johnson said. “To watch him form a friendship with Post Malone — someone who pairs with his musical sound so perfectly — and rise to more recognition and streams is something that makes a die-hard fan’s heart swell.” 

 ‘Ant Pile,’ by Dominic Fike  

Fike’s most recent album, “Sunburn,” is dynamic and upbeat.  

“While each song on the new album is energetic and fun to listen to, “Ant Pile” stands out for its unique guitar intro, catchy lyrics and lively sound,” Savannah Ichikawa, The CW’s culture editor, said. “It is a song that easily brightens the mood.” 

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